Using Bookends For a Decorative Touch

The primary reason for needing bookends is to ensure that your books are protected while they are being stored. If your books are allowed to lean they will become misshapen over time and this will cause problems the next time you open one to read it. Propping your books up with bookends is the smart way to protect your books.

But you get an added benefit in using bookends and it comes in the form of providing a new decorative possibility that is going to sit in a spot that is often prominent in the room. The bookshelf is usually quite high up and able to be seen from anywhere in the room. Placing a creative set of decorative bookends on the shelf will add interest and appeal to the room as a whole.

To get an idea of just how many different styles of bookends are available and the fun you can have in using them we will take a look at a cross section of them. You may want to buy bookends that are thematically related to the books they are propping up (for example, you may use agate bookends or marble bookends in propping up your books on geology).

Bookends are available showing a great sense of humor and this could create a sense of fun in the room. If the room is one of introspection and formality you may be better served in going for bookends that are more sensible.

We will also take a look at a wide selection of children’s bookends that are available to suit a child’s bedroom. Naturally, these bookends will feature more animated characters or interests that a child will find appealing.

Children’s Bookends

A child’s bedroom is the type of room where the personality and preferences of your child will be allowed to reveal themselves. The furniture that is used in a child’s bedroom will further display this side and is more likely to be fun and colorful. The books that are to be stored in a child’s bedroom are often large and frequently read and so bookends are a must. Using color to brighten the room will extend to the type of bookends used.

Choose from hand painted bookends, teddy bear bookends, bunny bookends, toy train bookends, clown bookends, or wooden bookends that have been brightly painted and decorated to your child’s tastes. Some of the most wonderful bookends have a distinctively youthful outlook on the world such as the range of Mary Engelbreit bookends. Find some great examples of bookends for children on the kid's bookends page.

Antique Bookends

It is possible to find some of the most gorgeous old bookends that have been made from the finest metalware and shaped into ornate figurines. Antique bookends will be the perfect accompaniment to a fine book collection in a traditionally decorated room. They are usually highly decorative and you are also going to have to expect to pay a premium price for the better quality ones.

Moving right back to Victorian times are some very impressive examples that are still available today. Estate sales will prove to be a rich source of impressive antique bookends that will have been in regular use for over a hundred years.

There are some outstanding antique bookends made in a range of different materials. As a great example take a look at the Roycroft bookends for sale that make tremendous use of copper.

Decorative Bookends

You may simply wish to choose your bookends based on the fact that they provide decorative beauty. This may be some type of decorative art or a look that is unusual that attracts the eye. There is no real standard that can be used to determine what type of bookend is decorative and what isn’t. Each will be up to the individual’s personal taste. That being said there is a lot to admire about a set of carved bookends no matter what material they have been carved from - wood, marble, soapstone, alabaster, etc.

Some examples of the types of decorative bookends that may be available include marble, agate, ammonite, quartz, gothic, fleur de lis, brass, bronze, crystal, cast iron and animals such as elephants, horses, dogs and cats.

Browsing through the vast range of decorative bookends will allow you to match the decorative style of your room with a pair of bookends that will seem appropriate.

Animal Bookends

Animals are always a popular choice and they can be found as either a noble looking animal cast in bronze striking a classic pose that engenders determination and pride. Or they might be depicted as fun animated characters that are used to create a bright display at the end of a row of books.

Animal bookends are often the types that you would use for a child’s bedroom or in a playroom. They are just as likely to be used in a lounge or study depending on the surrounding decor. Dogs, dolphins, eagles, horses, elephants, wolf bookends, lion bookends, owl bookends and bear bookends are all commonly used in various poses as bookends.

Modern Bookends

A bookend is merely another way in which an artist may express himself or herself. The only requirements are that they have a vertical side that will prop the books up successfully and that they are heavy enough so that the books do not begin to lean over.

Take a look at the Chris Collicott Design modern bookends featuring a couple of men pushing against the weight of the books. This is a great example of modern designed bookends made from poly-resin.

Modern bookends will be made from just about anything and are representative of the times using materials that are popularly used in the various items of furniture available in stores. They are also the product of current artists who may choose to run a line of inventive bookends.

Fleur-de-lis Bookends

The fleur-de-lis is the decorative representation of the lily that has been used throughout history by royalty, the military and in religion as a decorative standard or as a representative logo. The fact is that it also looks very effective as a bookend and no matter whether it is made from wood, bronze, brass or cast iron it is always a striking looking shape.

For details on fleur-de-lis bookends for sale or to simply browse through some pictures of the different types of fleur-de-lis bookends you can click through to the fleur-de-lis bookends page.

Hands Bookends

It stands to reason that one of the more enduring styles of bookends is a pair of hands. Placing a hand at either end of a row of books makes a lot of sense. After all, you have a left hand and a right hand and when they are placed on the shelf it will appear as though they are holding the books in their grip.

Hand bookends are available in all kinds of materials from the older styles in brass, bronze or pottery to the more modern plastic and plaster styles. Browsing through the many different types of hand bookends will give you the opportunity to buy something rather unique and innovative.

Unique Bookends

Bookends made from natural materials such as marble or agate are going to be unique in appearance thanks to the natural variations in every stone. In a similar way, any bookend that has been handmade or hand painted may be considered to be totally unique because no other piece is going to be exactly the same. There is some inherent value in an item of which there is only one and this alone makes it a valuable object.

You can browse through the various unique bookends for sale on the unique bookends page.

Art Pottery Bookends

The most beautiful examples of American art pottery have come from makers such as Roseville, Rookwood, Fulper, Van Briggle, McCoy and Haeger and all of these pottery houses have also produced bookends. The ultimate in decorative bookends would be to place a pair of pottery bookends from one of the masters from the last hundred and fifty years.

Bookends For Sale

It is possible to find bookends for sale from many different sources and it is particularly easy to find a huge range online. In fact any of the bookends that have been mentioned on this page are available right here at Int Deco Now, simply follow the links provided to get more details about any bookend style that appeals to you.

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