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Featured on this page is a selection of unique bookends for sale to provide you with the opportunity of adding something special to the bookshelves. The bookends displayed below are unusual and eclectic and cover a range of different themes. They should appeal to many people.

Highlighted Unique Bookends For Sale

Fossil Stone Horse BookendsThese bookends feature marine fossils from the seas of Asia. They measure 6 1/2"H x 4 1/4"L x 2"W and weigh 8 pounds
Black Zebra Marble Bookends These natural stone bookends have been hand carved from marble and features colors of natural shades of gray, green and white natural veining.They measure 4"L x 3"W x 6"H and weight 9-10 pounds per pair.
Ivory Rooster BookendsThese unique bookends have been given an ivory finish to create a rustic and distressed appearance. They measure 5"H x 10"W x 3.5"D

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Placing unique bookends on either end of a row of books can make a symbolic statement about your sense of style, your interests or your sense of fun, all while performing the task of protecting your books. Rather than buying a pair of decorative bookends that have been mass produced and seen elsewhere, you might choose to use bookends that have been created by an artist, giving them the added appeal of being unique. A pair of unique bookends can turn any bookshelf into an area of great interest.

The type of bookends that you use is going to be a matter of personal preference and may be related to the theme of the books that are being propped up. It might be possible to commission a specific type of bookend using materials that have always appealed to you. The standard wooden bookends can be fashioned into the most amazing of shapes if a talented wood-turner is given the right level of instructions.

Inspirations such as famous works of art, sculptures from ancient times, landmarks that have meant something to you can all be used to create your unique bookends. Perhaps you are interested in gothic times and would like to use that as a theme for the bookends that will provide a far greater display than you would otherwise achieve. Take a pair of bookends that have been made from marble or agate or fossil stone. The natural beauty of any of these products make each of them unique, although they may be cut into common shapes such as triangles, the striations and seams that run through them make them unique.

Some of the most impressive - not to mention highly collectable - bookends are available from some of the more famous pottery manufacturers. Look for Roseville Bookends, Rookwood bookends, Van Briggle bookends or Fulper bookends. Not only will they provide you with a means of protecting your books but they will also add some of the most valuable pieces of art pottery possible.

Get professional looking bookends that have been especially made to ensure an office or a surgery is looking as good as it possibly can. A set of medical bookends placed around a set of medical journals would be just the thing you would expect to see in a doctor's surgery.

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