Types of Eyelet Curtains

In a previous post we discussed what eyelet curtains were and had a brief look at how they’re designed and the tone they may bring to your room (see Use Eyelet Curtains For A Breezy Modern Style).

Now comes the part where the interior designer in you gets to flex the creative muscles and make the significant decisions that will set the mood for the room. It’s one thing to choose to put up eyelet curtains, but deciding exactly what type of eyelet curtains to use is the difficult part.

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Styles Of Eyelet Curtains

Here are some different styles of eyelet curtains that you can choose from depending on your existing décor. Failing that, you might be inspired by something below and it will help you to choose the new style that you have been searching for, for some time.

Due to the fact that eyelet curtains are so easy-running along the curtain rod, they can be manufactured into dividing panels quite simply. These types of curtains may be used to break up a room in a commercial situation, say, in a restaurant or similar location. They are simple to use when you want to close a part of a room or open it back up again. It may also be a popular choice because of the clean, streamlined look it gives the curtain panels.

Pleated eyelet curtains are the standard look that you get due to the way in which the fabric is threaded onto the curtain rod. It forms a natural linear pleat that looks very geometric and organized. In this setting a silk curtain makes a truly wonderful geometric design.

A two-layered curtain is also effective in this style with a linen front backed with a sheer fabric such as voile. The effect is very breezy, especially when the window has been left slightly open and a breeze captures the voile.

Eyelet curtain café curtains makes for a fun mood to be created. You will expect to use this type of style in a sunroom or the breakfast room or dining room, particularly if it is facing the east. You would generally use a light flowing fabric that will catch the early day’s breeze. Something like lace or a gauzy voile would do nicely.

Eyelet curtains will look just as effective made from deeper, heavier fabrics such as suede or velvet. The advice is to generally use lighter fabrics when making eyelet curtains because the extra weight will put stress on the eyelets which may affect the opening and closing process. But these heavy fabrics look particularly impressive in a darker room that is a little more stately and austere.

You can use eyelet curtains with matching tiebacks, they can be used in conjunction with a valance with the eyelets hidden from immediate view. Eyelet curtains also make attractive side pieces that can be pulled across into the middle of the window as an attractive overlay piece.

There are many different types of materials that are going to look effective if hung using eyelets. They all serve to give the curtains a classic straight pleated look. Your choice of long or short will be decided by the windows that you are intending on dressing.

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