The Convenience of Automatic Faucets

When your hands are tied up with other matters or you simple don't like the idea of possibly spreading germs around the home, the answer may well be automatic faucets in the bathroom or the kitchen. They used to be the sole realm of commercial locations but they are becoming more of a common sight in domestic locations too. Although they supply a lot more functionality the good news is that installation will not involve any more work than the standard plumbing.

The obvious convenience that you get with automatic faucets is that you don't have to turn the knowbs or handles yourself. This is the most common spread of germs throughout the house and by eliminating the need to touch them it takes that risk out of the equation.

By controlling when they turn off and on merely by the motion in front of the sensor the water wastage is greatly reduced. You can also pre-set the water temperature so that every time you want the water it will be available at a perfect temperature.

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The hygienic benefits or autamatic faucets over traditional faucets is quite great too. There have been studies that have shown that the greatest concentration of germs in the home is in sinks and surrounding areas in the home.

From the perspective of how they look it must be said that they fit in well with a wide variety of looks and wil suit a lot of different types of concepts. In a lot of cases they are powered by a long-life battery so there is no need to have the faucet connected up to an external power source.

The result can be a much neater looking bathroom vanity top with no handles sitting on top or coming out of the wall. This also means that the plumbing requirements with respect to extra pipes are reduced with the water regulation being handled by the faucet unit itself.

EON FaucetThe latest design in hands free or automatic faucets is a new type of faucet from Sonoma called the e-ON. This faucet is different from other automatic faucets because it uses electromagnetism in the spout rather than infra-red sensors to start the water flow. This particular faucet is very reminiscent in appearance to a traditional bamboo water spout so it would be suitable for a rustic style bathroom. The fact that there are no faucet handles adds to the rustic charm and appeal.

Whether you are going for a healthy option in choosing an automatic faucet or trying to emulate the older appeal of a traditional looking water spout there is a great deal of convenience that can be attained by installing automatic faucets. Add the water saving benefits that you get through the water flow being cut off automatically when there are no hands around that need washing and you have a very handy device for the bathroom.

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