Talavera Tile Tables

Talavera tiles are the distinctive hand-painted tiles that add color and rustic charm to the walls and benches of an old-style kitchen. But they can be used to decorate far more than simply the walls and mantles of your home. They can also be used to create furniture that will have unique appeal and style.

Just as you would with a mural that is created on the wall you can design an impressive looking table top using Talavera tiles with just as great a range of choices and colors to choose from.

Placing a Talavera tile table on the front veranda of your home provides a durable table top that is also filled with colors that will be sure to draw comments from your guests. It may be possible to draw inspiration from nearby lounge cushions or a rug that contains some exceptional patterns that you would like to replicate on the table.

Mexican Talavera tiles provide you with the opportunity to express yourself in either an outgoing fashion with bright and loud colors or you can be more restrained with a simple blue and white design that simply looks elegant.

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What is most commonly seen when a table is decorated with Talavera tiles is a darker tile used around the perimeter of the table as a border and then some kind of geometric design in the center. What may change is the color of the design or the way in which the tiles are arranged.

Rather than buying a pre-made Talavera tile table you might prefer to make your own. This will involve choosing a plain table to use as the canvas for your creation. A very effective type of table can be a wrought iron table with a wooden table top but the style of table will be completely up to you. Just imagine how good a Talavera serving dish would look on your Talavera tile table.

Once you have chosen your table you should measure it up to then work out how many tiles you will need and what their arrangement might look like. You can have some fun buying Talavera tiles because there is such a large range to choose from. Experiment with the various Talavera tile patterns to come up with something that is unique and maybe a little unusual. Lay the design out on the table in a dry run before you apply any adhesive or grouting.

When you have finished creating your Talavera tile table you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have created something unique and beautiful. It should become the kind of furniture item that you will want to use as often as you can.

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