Wicker Picnic Baskets

Even the most average, everyday items can be used to provide decorative interest within the home. Take the wicker picnic basket as a great example. These baskets are primarily used for outdoor gatherings but they look very stylish in an indoor setting too.

The traditional way to pack and carry all of your food and dinner items is to use a wicker picnic basket. There are a few reasons why they remain the most popular type of picnic basket in use, even after many years when there have been countless attempts at replacing them with more modern alternatives such as plastic boxes and collapsible bags.

Not only are picnic baskets made of wicker quite light in weight, they are also very sturdy and will withstand the pressures of cramming them with lunch items and other sharp objects. They are easy to carry thanks to the way in which the handles are set onto the body of the basket. The classic wicker picnic basket features two handles that are spaced on either side of the middle of the basket sides ensuring an even distribution in the weight of the basket that is being carried.

Wicker Picnic Basket Options

Among the various types of wicker picnic baskets available are a few distinctly different options. The first is the traditional rectangular picnic basket that is closed with a couple of lids to protect the contents. This is the type of wicker picnic basket that might be referred to as an antique wicker basket and would have been most commonly used during the 1950s. Take a look at the example displayed below as an example of what we are talking about here.

A variation on the larger rectangular picnic basket is a smaller round wicker picnic basket. Like the rectangular version you are very likely going to find these baskets with a pair of lids that are fixed in the middle of the basket allowing them to be opened from the rim. These baskets are usually carried with a single handle and while they may look particularly attractive are not going to be capable of carrying as much as the rectangular baskets. That being said, they are still provide a great deal of storage space.

Classic picnic baskets may also look very much like wicker trunks from the outside. These picnic baskets may be carried using handles placed at either end. When you open these picnic baskets they are usually hinged on one side of the trunk giving you easy access to the content. Many of these baskets have been set up with loops and straps fixed to the inside lid so that cups, plates and cutlery may be stored securely. Some of these baskets have been very well thought out and masterfully designed and are definitely well worth picking up so that you are sure to be completely organized on your next family picnic.

While the main reason for buying a wicker picnic basket may be to provide you and your family with a handy container to use when picnicking, many of them are decorative enough to use as display storage items around the house. The simple elegance of a wicker basket is something that will add value to a well furnished, traditional country styled room. It is then a simple matter of taking that basket and packing it with your picnic items when you head out for your day outdoors.