Mexican Dinnerware Sets

When it comes to providing dinnerware sets that can be classed as highly decorative as well as strongly functional performers you virtually can’t go past Mexican dinnerware sets. Usually when we talk about quality decorative pottery from Mexico we are referring to Talavera pottery and the reliability and beauty of the sets that are produced in this style are second to none. These dinnerware sets are made from stoneware, a style of pottery that provides tough plates and bowls that are also versatile and pleasing to look at.

There is an endless array of colourful Mexican Talavera dinnerware designs and the fact they are all hand painted means that every piece is unique. The extravagant nature of the designs means that any dinner party to use Talavera plates and bowls is going to look festive and exciting. A large part of the popularity of Mexican dinnerware sets and pottery in general is the creative way in which it is decorated with definite influences from the surrounding landscapes and local flora and fauna.

Talavera pottery is not the only style of Mexican dinnerware sets available with more quality stoneware available decorated in more traditional single colors. The Mara Stoneware collection provides some very attractive examples of Mexican design and quality dinnerware is the result.

It is possible to use your Mexican dinnerware sets, or at least part of the set, as decorative features placed in key spots in the room. This type of pottery, when made in the more decorative designs with pinched and scalloped edges, makes the most exquisite pieces that can be appreciated just for their design quality. Although you my not buy a Mexican dinnerware set based on its ability to be used in a decorative nature, it should certainly be used as one of the assets and potential uses.

Take a look at the various ways in which Talavera pottery has been featured elsewhere on the site. We have already featured Talavera tiles, Talavera plates, Talavera pottery with scalloped rims, Talavera serving trays, Talavera round bowls, Talavera oval platters.

Talavera Pottery

In Talavera de la Reina, Spin, the fine art of glazing fire baked clay was started. The potters who perfected this art introduced it the Mexican potters sometime around the 15th to 16th centuries. The old style techniques that were developed all of those years ago are still used today and the results are brightly decorative colors that are used to make the most amazing ceramics possible that are now known as Talavera pottery.

The process of creating Talavera pottery is not exactly a quick one with the entire process taking around 12 to 15 days to complete. The clay is first mixed and then either hand molded or placed into a plaster mold to dry. When the clay has dried it is sanded lightly and given a polish to smooth out any irregularities before it is put into a kiln and baked at temperatures approaching 2000 degrees F. The pieces are then coated in enamel, hand painted and then baked again so that the colors are fused to the clay. This results in a gloss finish that is extremely durable with colors that will maintain their brightness for a long time.

The types of Talavera pottery pieces that are commonly found include: Talavera tiles, Talavera plates, Talavera serving dishes and Talavera platters. But just as with other types of ceramics, Talavera pottery is used for just about any small figurine or household product.

Salt and pepper shakers, butter dishes, sugar bowls, vases and ash trays are all common products that make ideal examples for how Talavera pottery can be used. Really, the list is pretty much endless when it comes to the possibilities with Talavera.

Although there are many designs that are created for indoor use, placing Talavera pots around the garden is a great way to add some sparkle to the garden as well. Talavera garden pots allow the creative or colourful energy really have its head.

Placing Talavera pots in the sunshine will only highlight the vivid colors that are used in their manufacture and will introduce splashes of color into the garden itself. When placed among flowering plants the result is going to be close to spectacular. It should be possible to browse through a strong range of Talavera garden pots at most garden centres.

Decorative items, dinnerware, garden pots, wall tiles and even ceramic sinks are all available made from Talavera pottery. It is a great way to add decorative accents to a room or to create a display that will hold visitors in awe. Talavera murals on the wall or coordinated decorative designs will add life to any room.

Here are some examples of the types of Talavera pottery that may give you the inspiration you need to hunt down your own decorative pieces.

Talavera plate

Talavera bowl

Talavera Strawberry Pot

Talavera Pot

Talavera Gecko

The above selection are just some of the incredibly colorful examples of what can be done with the Talavera style of pottery. The gecko is a particular favorite that is available in just about any color and design imaginable. No matter what kind of object you have sitting around the house, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is a version created using Talavera pottery.