Talavera Tile Design Ideas

Using Talavera tiles provides the walls and work space in the kitchen or bathroom with a splash of color in whatever geometrical pattern you decide on. There are many different ways in which the tiles can be arrayed so that they provide a layout that looks interesting and effective.

Talavera design ideas are as diverse as your imagination will allow but there are some standard designs that may be commonly seen and are easy to apply. The following ideas are just a few very simple designs that can be easily achieved. They may use a combination of plain and decorated tiles to form a pattern that pops from the wall, they may initially appear complicated but are actually quite straightforward.

Take the variety of tiles used in each design into consideration when you go out to look for Talavera tiles for sale.

The first is a simple alternating pattern where the first tile is largely decorative and the next is either plain or predominantly white. Arranging them diagonally on the wall and providing a tiled border completes the look.

Grouping small clusters of, say, four or nine tiles, with a single design of tile will also create an interesting design. When each set of four is offset with a contrasting set of tiles the effect can look quite attractive.

It is also possible to go for something a little more random, yet still maintain that consistent pattern. The design that is presented here features a predominantly blue tile with a yellow flower featured in the center. Yet, it’s the small traces of terra cotta and green that have been picked up and used as the contrast tiles to break the design up.

Placing the decorative tiles themselves into more elaborate patterns is also an effective way to show off the various styles. The cross pattern displayed here is a simple example of using a single tile pattern and then forming a larger pattern that, when joined together will form a more elaborate pattern. The sixteen tiles placed together can be considered to be one large tile that is then replicated across the wall to provide a very attractive design.

Here is a final design idea that also creates a larger pattern using the colors and the ability to connect tiles together to form larger shapes and, when accent tiles are placed in between, contrast nicely between the patterned tile and the colors that may be highlighted.

When going through the various Talavera design ideas that are available to you, you are going to have the choice of which colors you wish to highlight, how you would like the patterns to be displayed and where the borders are going to become a feature of the design. The ideas shown above are some of the more standard that are commonly used. Obviously there are many more that you may feel are more appropriate for your tastes.

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