Layered Sheers

There are a number of ways to effectively use a window treatment to add softness and accents to a room. One of the simple ways to achieve this is to use what are known as sheers. Sheers can be defined as soft window treatments in that they are light and give an airy feeling to a room. Lace or voile curtains are examples of sheers and they allow a certain level of light into the room while still giving you the privacy you need.

Sheers may be hung singly or they may be layered in combination with a printed fabric or another type of sheer to create a more complex look. The purpose of layered sheers is to give you a best of both worlds scenario where you achieve the ability to allow some light into the room yet still maintaining the ability to increase the privacy by drawing the more substantial curtains.

A nice combination is eyelet curtains with layered sheers because the ease with which the eyelet curtains may be drawn and opened makes for a trouble free process of revealing the sheers when needed. The hanging process of eyelet curtains combine with layered sheers is very simple as well.

You can find sheers made of fabrics such as lace, silk, cotton or voile. It is also possible to buy sheers that are made from heavier fabrics. These are known as semi-sheers and may consist of a patterned lace. A semi-sheer might be required by someone who wants a sheer curtain but is uncomfortable with the level of privacy a full sheer will give them.

By understanding that hanging layered sheers is an extremely simple matter it may save you some expense when you decide that the single sheers are not providing you with the necessary privacy or light blocking ability. Simple hanging layered sheers can be bought at very little expense and can be added to the existing window treatment.

As mentioned at the start of this piece, sheers add a certain lightness and airiness to the room. The flowing fabric will catch the slightest hint of a breeze providing gentle movement in the room. Some find that movement very soothing. Should it become too windy the heavier layer can be used to cover them over.