Runner Rugs For A Great First Impression

Rugs are used for a number of purposes in the home either as a decorative piece or as a way to soften a hard or cold floor. One of the more common types of rugs are runner rugs, most commonly found in the hallway of the family home. That being said, there are quite a lot of other places around the house where a runner rug will serve very nicely.

These types of rugs are particularly useful for protecting high traffic areas such as halls, doorways and other areas where you want to save the wear and tear on the floor. It doesn't matter whether the floor is hardwood, tile or marble the constant foot traffic is eventually going to mark the floor unless something like a runner rug is laid over the top of it.

Styles available are contemporary or traditional with the most sought after having been made in countries such as China, India, Nepal, Turkey and Pakistan. Although rugs from these countries that have strong rug-making backgrounds may be more expensive than locally made rugs, you can be confident that the product you buy is of the highest quality.

Runner rugs are available for specific functions other than for welcoming guests into the home via the hall. You can buy stair runner rugs, kitchen runner rugs and even bathroom runner rugs. The names given to each of these types of rugs explain where you might want to use them.

Ideal for a smaller covering job and an option for those with a smaller budget are runner area rugs. These rugs are usually the same width as a standard hall runner rug but are cut down to around 4 feet in length. You may want to complement the design found in the runner rug in the hall with your area rugs throughout various points in the home, allowing the theme to flow from room to room.

You can either buy a standard sized runner rug or, if you have special size requirements, can have them custom made to your specifications. This will be a necessity if you are trying to find a suitable rug for the stairs or for a particularly long hallway.

Some people care more about the look of their rug and forget about the quality of the product that they are buying. Remember there is a big difference in quality of the manufacture of rugs and buying one that is durable is an important factor to keep in mind. Just because the rug is cheap does not necessarily mean you are getting a bargain.

When decorating the family home a runner rug is going to be one of those small but important items that help to create the overall lasting impression. It may be the first thing people see when they walk in the door so you will want that impression to be a good one.

Other Staircase Runner Ideas

You might like the idea of a protective covering for the treads of the stairs but like the clean surface of the risers. Stair tread rugs are the perfect solution and while they are not created in the way a runner rug is, they perform the job well giving a stylish look to the stairs.

For something that is a little different you might try a staircase runner idea without actually using a stair runner at all. Why not try using a painted finish on the stairs that looks like it is a stair runner but is simply a painted staircase instead. It won’t give you the protective covering that a woollen stair runner might give you but if that is not your aim and you would like to create a decorative statement on the stairs, you could go with this.