Wicker Cane or Rattan Conservatory Furniture?

If you are looking for conservatory furniture you may have come across a number of different terms used to describe the similar types of furniture you are looking at. Wicker, cane and rattan conservatory furniture can at first glance all seem to describe the same furniture but not all materials are the same and some of the terms the salesmen use can overlap.

Cane conservatory furniture looks similar to rattan but there are huge differences in the materials used. Cane conservatory furniture is essentially furniture constructed from bamboo cane. Bamboo is a hollow cane without a center, but it's natural strength make it great for furniture construction. Rattan on the other hand is a palm, unlike other palms the rattan palm takes the form of vines growing through surrounding trees using their branches for support. Being a vine the rattan is a solid branch. When heated the vine can be bent and twisted for conservatory furniture construction. Once the heat is removed the vine returns to it's solid state.

Wicker conservatory furniture is a misleading term, this furniture could be either cane or rattan in construction. The term is confusing because wicker is a process rather than a material, and the process can be applied to either rattan or cane. Rattan wicker conservatory furniture is constructed from rattan vine or teak hardwood frames which are then covered with rattan wicker weave. To create the wicker the rattan vine is stripped to the core before being weaved using the wicker process. With cane wicker furniture the bamboo cane is selected small and fine enough for the wicker weave process.

Beyond the differences in these natural materials you will also come across conservatory furniture described as rattan but constructed from synthetic materials. The synthetic or poly rattan furniture comes in many more varied styles and colors but being made from man made materials tends to be impervious to the rain and damp and generally will not fade as cane or natural rattan might over time. The man made version will often be called rattan garden furniture or rattan outdoor furniture but you will find sofa sets, and dining tables suitable for conservatory use as well as outdoor use amongst many manufacturers ranges.