Decorate the Home With American Art Pottery

There are many ways to decorate the room, either by putting together single pieces in a way that they form a cohesive look or by buying a collection that has been designed with the intention of creating a particular look. Although the collection option will provide you with a quick result, putting together a room piece by piece is a far more interesting way to go about it. Along the way you might come across some spectacular finds that may slot into the room perfectly.

Roseville Pottery VasePottery provides the decorator with an enormous range of styles, colors and sizes and can have the rustic traditional look or the more finely wrought decorative appeal.

One of the significant choices you will have at your disposal is the range of incredible American art pottery that you can use to turn you home into a showpiece of some of the most spectacular examples of quality pottery available.

The great thing about using art pottery to create a decorative feature in your home is that there is no right or wrong way to go about displaying it. Whatever takes your eye and appeals to your sense of aesthetics is the right choice.

Some of the biggest names in American art pottery include Cowan, Muncie, Niloak, Teco, Roseville, Rookwood, Grueby, Van Briggle, Newcomb College, Weller, Fulper, Haeger and there are many others that provide some of the most amazing shapes and patterns.

Whether you would like to see a decorative vase on the floor (such as the beautiful Roseville pottery vase on the right) or a set of pottery bookends up on the mantle or a decorative bowl (such as the Rookwood pottery bowl pictured below) holding colored gravel or potpourri or a figurine made by one of the major pottery firms you can add them to the home and they will provide texture and color that is unequaled.

Rookwood Pottery BowlNaturally, if you are planning on putting your valuable art pottery out on display you are going to have to find spots where it is out of the high traffic parts of the room. Similarly, you will have to take into consideration the possibility that young children with very curious minds and fingers that have to touch everything, are possibly going to be using the same room. Make sure you have taken the proper precautions to either allow them to coexist of have a plan to keep your valuable pottery safe.

Unfortunately, as with many other fields where value lies in the authenticity of certain work, there is a problem with fakes flooding the market. If you are buying pottery from any of the well known potteries be aware that there are fakes around. Make sure the Roseville vase you have your eye on is real and not a replicated version from China. Get to know the markings of not only the real pieces but also those of the fakes.

If you need some help in picking up on the frauds you should visit the site dedicated to uncovering fakes by the American Art Pottery Association.