Decorate the Home With American Art Pottery

There are many ways to decorate the room, either by putting together single pieces in a way that they form a cohesive look or by buying a collection that has been designed with the intention of creating a particular look. Although the collection option will provide you with a quick result, putting together a room piece by piece is a far more interesting way to go about it. Along the way you might come across some spectacular finds that may slot into the room perfectly.

Roseville Pottery VasePottery provides the decorator with an enormous range of styles, colors and sizes and can have the rustic traditional look or the more finely wrought decorative appeal.

One of the significant choices you will have at your disposal is the range of incredible American art pottery that you can use to turn you home into a showpiece of some of the most spectacular examples of quality pottery available.

The great thing about using art pottery to create a decorative feature in your home is that there is no right or wrong way to go about displaying it. Whatever takes your eye and appeals to your sense of aesthetics is the right choice.

Some of the biggest names in American art pottery include Cowan, Muncie, Niloak, Teco, Roseville, Rookwood, Grueby, Van Briggle, Newcomb College, Weller, Fulper, Haeger and there are many others that provide some of the most amazing shapes and patterns.

Whether you would like to see a decorative vase on the floor (such as the beautiful Roseville pottery vase on the right) or a set of pottery bookends up on the mantle or a decorative bowl (such as the Rookwood pottery bowl pictured below) holding colored gravel or potpourri or a figurine made by one of the major pottery firms you can add them to the home and they will provide texture and color that is unequaled.

Rookwood Pottery BowlNaturally, if you are planning on putting your valuable art pottery out on display you are going to have to find spots where it is out of the high traffic parts of the room. Similarly, you will have to take into consideration the possibility that young children with very curious minds and fingers that have to touch everything, are possibly going to be using the same room. Make sure you have taken the proper precautions to either allow them to coexist of have a plan to keep your valuable pottery safe.

Unfortunately, as with many other fields where value lies in the authenticity of certain work, there is a problem with fakes flooding the market. If you are buying pottery from any of the well known potteries be aware that there are fakes around. Make sure the Roseville vase you have your eye on is real and not a replicated version from China. Get to know the markings of not only the real pieces but also those of the fakes.

If you need some help in picking up on the frauds you should visit the site dedicated to uncovering fakes by the American Art Pottery Association.

Save Money With Denby Seconds

There are many ways in which you can go about buying a dinnerware set that will not only look good on your dinner table but will also serve you and your family well over a number of years. Some people will look for a specific pottery brand, safe in the knowledge that the pottery they produce is reliable and the company will be around if they ever have to replace a broken piece.

The only thing that may cause you to balk at buying one of the bigger names is the cost that is involved. Buying Denby pottery, for example, means that you are buying a reliable product and there will be plenty of after sales support available because the company is so large. You will also have a great range to choose from too. The price of some of the Denby dinnerware sets is a little higher than other pottery and this could turn you off buying it.

There is a way of still being able to buy Denby dinnerware but save some money doing it.

Buy Denby seconds.

A second is a piece that has had some slight variation take place during the firing or glazing process. This might mean that the glaze color is slightly lighter or darker than it is supposed to be or there are some imperfections in the finish that have resulted in the occasional spot.

Another way to pick up Denby pottery at a lower price is to pick up discontinued Denby patterns. Many of these pottery items are secondhand or used but it is possible to find some absolute bargains and there are many different retired Denby pottery patterns to choose from.

You will find the following discontinued Denby pottery patterns available for sale here.





Blue Jetty

Blue Linen














The point with these seconds is that apart from the look of the finish, the Denby pottery itself is just as high in quality as any other piece. The pottery will still be as durable, it will still be as capable of being placed in the microwave or the dishwasher and it will be just as strong for everyday use as other pieces.

The price of a Denby second is going to work out to be cheaper, sometimes significantly so. However, you cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to buy a complete set of a certain collection nor will there be as many copies of a certain piece. Seconds are unexpected differences and so they are not something that the manufacturer is going to attempt to repeat.

It is definitely worth looking through the available list of Denby seconds, though. You might find some absolute bargains on pieces where the flaws are incredibly minor – perhaps even undetectable.

Ceramika Artystyczna Bubble Mugs

Anyone looking for a thorough selection of Ceramika Artystyczna bubble mugs should take a look at the range that is listed for sale below. The mugs come in two sizes, the 16oz mugs are designated as gentlemen's bubble mugs while the 12oz mugs are designated as ladies bubble mugs.

Why not start a collection of bubble mugs and joing the hundreds of enthusiastic collectors who have recognised that Ceramika Artystyczna makes some of the finest Polish pottery available. This page gives you the opportunity to buy both the larger gentleman's bubble mugs and the smaller ladies bubble mugs further down.

16oz Gentleman's Bubble Mugs For Sale

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12oz Ladies Bubble Mugs For Sale

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The bubble mug is a rather uniquely shaped mug with an exaggerated bowl underneath a flaring lip. The mug fits neatly into the hand and provides a generous serving no matter whether you choose the larger 16oz or the smaller 12oz versions. The bubble mug is a speciality of the Polish pottery collection with some very nice designs available. They will provide you with a mug that you will look forward to use whenever you sit down to whatever beverage you prefer.

As can be seen from the selection above the hand-painted designs on these mugs are very special and the stoneware pottery produced by Ceramika Artystyczna is acknowledged as the finest examples of Polish pottery available. There are still more fine examples available and these are the Unikat Signature Pattern bubble mugs manufactured by the same pottery factory. A full listing of the fine works in the Unikat range are available by clicking here.

If you are a keen collector of Polish pottery you  might like to view the page featuring Green Horizon dinnerware as well as the Unikat Signature Polish pottery page or if you are a beer drinker you might like to visit the Polish Pottery 32-Ounce Stein page.

Sango Dinnerware

There are many ways in which you can be sure your dinner party will be served in impressive fashion and using attractive dinnerware is a primary way to achieve this. Sango dinnerware is available from a company that has not been around for a terribly long time, but the quality of the ceramics is undeniable.

As with many other dinnerware manufacturers the company has produced its line in attractive collections allowing you to furnish your entire setting with matching plates, bowls and mugs.

As well as some distinctive patters, the Sango dinnerware collections have also been created in very distinctive design styles. Rather than sticking with the more traditional round dinner plates some of the collections such as the Sango Gold Dust, Sango Society and Sango Contrast collections all feature square dinner plates.

For those who prefer a more traditional looking collection of dinnerware the company has also produced the more classic line of ceramic items. Where Sango has excelled itself is in the imaginative use of contrasting colors making every item a veritable work of art that looks impressive on its own and even more stunning when part of the entire collection.

The decorative appeal of Sango dinnerware should lure you into wanting to buy one of the many collections available. The subtle variations in color across some of the plates must be seen within the entire collection to get an appreciation of the effect it will have when sitting at its table setting.

Displayed here on this page are a few random examples of the types of fine decorative features you can expect from some of the lines available from Sango. Featured above are examples from, in order, the Sango Deco Gold collection, the Sango Malibu Black collection and the Sango Avanti Black collection.

Apart from the fine appearance and vibrant colors that feature in many of the Sango dinnerware collections the other impressive factor that should be noted is the price. These are particularly affordable items of dinnerware.

Take a look at more types of decorative dinnerware that have previously been examined

Pfaltzgraff Pottery Dinnerware
Denby Romany Pottery Dinnerware
Signature Unikat Polish Pottery
Talavera Pottery

Pfaltzgraff Patterns Comprise Stylish Pottery Dinnerware Sets

There are a number of very popular pottery companies that have been producing quality work for over 100 years and Pfaltzgraff Pottery is one of the foremost. The company has become renowned for the vast range of quality stoneware that it has produced and is still in the process of creating. Many people seek the company’s work out and this is not surprising when you use any of the products created by the company.

The following are among the most popular designs that have been offered by Pfaltzgraff. Below we have listed the 16-piece dinnerware sets in a variety of styles and patterns that show off all of the attributes that have made the company among the most popular in households around the world.

A 16-piece dinnerware set from Pfaltzgraff consists of dinner plates, salad plates, soup/cereal bowls and mugs. It is a setting for 4.

Pfaltzgraff Winterberry

Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Dinner Set

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This is a beautifully understated winter pattern that features a green stripe around the edge of each piece with holly berries and branches for decoration. It has an embossed filigree pattern in white.


Pfaltzgraff Painted Poppies

Pfaltzgraff Painted Poppies Dinner Set

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This is a far bolder pattern with a striking poppy design that jumps out from the plates. A grey band around the bowl is slightly more understated while the mugs feature a cream exterior and brown inside.


Pfaltzgraff Garden Blossom

Pfaltzgraff Garden Blossom Dinner Set

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This is a beautiful set of dinnerware with an exquisite colorful pattern that stands out, particularly the salad plates. The splashes of red and blue flowers around the edge with the leaf design work nicely with the bands bordering either side.

Pfaltzgraff Aria Red

Pfaltzgraff Aria Dinner Set

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This is an understated design that has a deep rich red rim around the plates and bowls and a thick cream center to give it an elegant feel. This design features a reactive glaze so there will be subtle differences from one item to the next.


Pfaltzgraff Mesa Stripe

Pfaltzgraff Mesa Stripe Dinner Set

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Here is a beautifully rustic design that will introduce lovely earth tones to the table through the colors used in the reactive glaze around the edges of the plates. There is definitely a warmth to the tones that are used and will remind you strongly of the beauty of the desert at dawn and dusk.


Pfaltzgraff Bailey Rose

Pfaltzgraff Bailey Rose Dinner Set

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The sudden splashes of red flowers that are on display in the design of this classic dinnerware set ensure that it will be a noticeable addition to the table. It is bright and vivid and will warm the table just by the presence of the full setting being laid out.

Pfaltzgraff Everyday Palm

Pfaltzgraff Palm Dinner Set

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Get the tropical island feel with the palm tree design of this style of dinner set. This is a simple stoneware dinner setting that has been designed to be used every day. The azure water representation behind the swaying palms and the very reasonable price level that it has been set at makes this the perfect casual dinner set.


Pfaltzgraff Scarlett

Pfaltzgraff Scarlett Dinner Set

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One of the more strikingly elegant designs in the Pfaltzgraff range the Scarlett features handpainted artwork with the centerpiece being the scarlett flower depicted on each item. The vibrant colors of the flowers stand out even more starkly thanks to the neutral background on which it is placed.


Pfaltzgraff Filigree

Pfaltzgraff Filigree Dinner Set

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This is the classic elegant dinner set design that is perfect for all occasions from the important events to Sunday dinners. The plain white setting has been decorated with an embossed pattern of arches that run around the rims of the plates and decorate the exterior of the mug.

Pfaltzgraff Herbal Garden

Pfaltzgraff Herbal Garden Dinner Set

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This is a fresh looking design that highlights the natural beauty of flowering herbs. The edges of the plates are adorned with sprigs of leaves and flowers and each item is rimmed with a thin red line. The designs are beautifully hand painted and the colors are pleasing to the eye.


Pfaltzgraff Rustic Leaves

Pfaltzgraff Rustic Leaves Dinner Set

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The Rustic Leaves design is a very attractive take on the natural beauty of leaves in fall. The rims of the plates and bow plus the top quarter of the mug are given a subtle grey shade. This is a design that will look good in most modern table settings in either casual or sophisticated dining.



Pfaltzgraff Represents Good Quality

The quality of the pieces cannot be undersold but of equal importance is the vast range of patterns that have been produced in the creation of each collection. Everyone is swayed by the appearance of various pieces of pottery and the glazes and decorative painted effects are particularly important for many people when coming to a decision over what set to buy.

When it comes to Pfaltzgraff dinnerware sets, the selection has been enormous over the years. As with other manufacturers of large quantities of fine pottery the collections that have been released eventually become discontinued. The nature of fashion trends have a lot to do with this as older styles become less popular and demand drops off. These older collections are replaced with newer, more modern collections.

The problem with discontinued collections comes when a piece is broken and it becomes necessary to find a replacement. Fortunately, there are still quite a lot of sources where it is possible to find these older pottery pieces.

Popular Patterns

Here are a few examples of some popular patterns:

Pfaltzgraff Napoli

Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne

Pfaltzgraff Folk Art

In order to successfully replace a broken plate, bowl or platter is to know the name of the collection that you own. Every Pfaltzgraff dinnerware collection has been given a name and so it is possible to equate a name with a particular Pfaltzgraff pattern.

When trying to determine what pattern you actually own you will have to also remember when you bought your Pfaltzgraff dinnerware set because each pattern was only available during a set period of time.

There are already over 150 different Pfaltzgraff patterns in the stoneware dinnerware collections that include those that are currently available as well as the discontinued patterns.

The following Pfaltzgraff patterns are currently available: Winterberry, Plymouth, Napoli, Villa Della Luna, Pistoulet, Evening Sun, Patio Garden, Naturewood, Tea Rose, Country Cupboard and Ruby. The pieces that you might expect to get in a dinnerware set includes placing for eight people with dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls and mugs or cups comprising most sets.

You can be pretty sure that there will be a Pfaltzgraff patterned dinnerware set that will suit all tastes. For a heavier, more durable ceramic set you should consider the stoneware pottery because it is more durable, it can be glazed in a wide variety of finishes and can be safely used in the microwave and the dishwasher.

Decorate With UND Pottery

There are many ways in which decorative features can be added to a room. Rather than simply go out and pick up a few meaningless pieces from the local department store, take a moment to consider some pottery from one of the most significant sources of fine pottery – University of North Dakota (UND) Pottery.

Under the tutelage of ceramic department head Margaret Cable, UND Pottery was developed to become a highly valued source of fine art pottery. Pottery that was made between the years of 1910 to 1949 and bearing the blue School of Mines seal are highly valued and representative of here high acclaim.

The pottery that is made at University of North Dakota Pottery uses the high quality clay from western North Dakota. The techniques that were developed and taught have left a long legacy of fine decorative art in pottery making that is still being appreciated today.

The work that was produced by Cable can be identified by the seal that is found on each piece. This began in 1912 with a hand lettered seal in cobalt blue that was placed on the bottom of a small flower vase. By the following year this seal was placed on all works of note that were produced by UND Pottery.

Some of the most collected and keenly sought examples of North Dakota pottery feature prairie motifs with each example snapped up as they become available.

The early UND Pottery examples are representative of Art Nouveau or Art Deco influence. This gradually began to feature native flora and fauna, Indian designs and the aforementioned prairie motifs as well as farming or hunting motifs.

The decorative features of the pottery came in two forms, patterns that were painted in mineral pigments or colored glazes on the biscuit ware or designs that were carved in low relief into the surface of the damp clay vessels.

Use of the UND School of Mines seal to mark North Dakota pottery continued from 1912 until 1963.

The type of wares that were created under the UND seal included: tiles, jugs, jars, plates, bowls, vases, trays, tobacco jars, ashtrays and paperweights.

A particularly noteworthy style of pottery to come out of UND is the development of bentonite pottery. This is a monochromatic style almost exclusively featuring native American images painted in reds, browns and creams and simply sublime in its artistry.

Anyone who is looking to add some valuable decorative art pottery pieces to their home can be advised to seriously consider UND Pottery. They are a valuable part of the history of American pottery and will definitely add value as well as cultural significance to the home.