5 Beautiful Silver Napkin Ring Styles

Looking for quality silver napkin rings can be a difficult task, particularly with the range that is available today. Listed below is a brief selection of 5 silver and silver-plated napkin rings that are sure to appeal to any taste. Take a look at these beautiful napkin rings for sale and make a selection of any of them to get more information and details on how you might buy one.

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Sterling Silver Single Round Domed Napkin Ring 

This is a classically understated napkin ring that provides beauty through the mere shape and quality of the cut.

The napkin rings weighs 40.81gm and comes with a free gift box.

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Sterling Silver Single Beaded Napkin Ring 

The napkin ring weighs 20.2gm and comes with a free gift box.

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Sterling Silver Plain Napkin Ring 

This is a sterling silver round napkin ring without any special design features.

The napkin ring weighs 16.54gm and comes with a free gift box.

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Silver napkin rings - nickel plated. 

This is a set of four napkin rings. These napkin rings provide you with a shiny addition to the table and have been nickel plated to ensure they won't tarnish. They may be personalized by the addition of an initial engraving.

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Jewish Silver Napkin Rings - Old City of Jerusalem Motif. 

This is a set of 6 silver napkin rings that feature the city of Jerusalem inscribed into the exterior of each. They are heavily plated in 925 sterling silver and gold electroplate and each ring stands around 3cm tall.

The silver napkin rings on display on this page are all new products and should provide you with some wonderful ideas on how you might liven up your next dinner party. Alternatively they will make terrific gift ideas, particularly if you have them engraved to personalize them.

It is also possible to find some beautiful examples of older style napkin rings such as those that were made in the nineteenth century. Browse through the Meriden napkin rings for sale.

Find out more about the history of decorating the table with silver napkin rings.