Mattress Cover

When buying a new bed you want it to last for a long time. Buying a mattress cover is one way of protecting your new mattress for many years. Covers come in many different materials and styles. When purchasing a mattress cover you will want to compare the many different types available. This article will discuss some of the different types of covers for your mattress.

The first type of cover is the plastic cover. This type of cover is one of the most affordable options. This type of cover will protect your mattress from spills and keep your mattress looking like new. The worst thing about a plastic cover is that it can be slippery and sometimes uncomfortable under the bed sheets. A plastic cover is also very useful when storing a mattress set. This will protect the mattresses from the environment and keep them fresh while in storage.

Another type of cover for your mattress is the allergy mattress cover. These covers are specially designed to protect against allergens such as dust mites. This type of cover is more costly but well worth the price for the person with allergies. These covers will cut down on the amount of dust mites you may otherwise accumulate in your mattress and bedding. The allergy mattress cover is also much more comfortable to sleep on at night then the plastic cover.

Another popular cover for your mattress is the waterproof cover. This type of cover will help protect from spills, bed bugs, dust and other offenders. These covers are more in the middle when it comes to pricing. They are more comfortable to sleep on then the plastic covers and work just as well when it comes to spill protection.  Purchasing a quality cover for your new mattress is very important, use can get more details at the mattress pads guide. These bed protectors can be purchased online or at your local mattress store. They can also be found at many major department stores. Buying a good cover will add life to your mattress by offering many years of protection.

For a layer of comfort while still protecting the mattress you might like to add a sheepskin mattress cover. These covers will provide a luxurious softness upon which to lie and snuggle into your bed. These types of underlays are more like a mattress pad than a simple mattress cover and are available as allergy free products that are used for medical purposes as well as simply a nice soft med covering.