What Makes Magic Blinds so Special?

If you have windows in your house, chances are you have something to cover them up with also.  While the sun coming in windows is wonderful sometimes, it is also a pain at other times.  There are many products out there that will block the sunlight from entering your windows.  For this article, we’re going to focus on something called magic blinds.

What are magic blinds, you might ask?  It turns out that they really aren’t as magical as the name suggests.  The part that makes them magical is the way they fold up like and accordion when you pull the string.  Another feature of the magic blind is their ability to fit over pretty much any curtain rod.  This is a great bonus, since it means that you don’t need to install any fancy hardware or anything like that.

There are many different styles of magic blinds, and the fabrics that are used vary wildly.  What this means for the consumer is that there is a style that will satisfy pretty much everyone.  While many of these blinds are made from materials like cotton, some of them are made from other materials such as canvas, acrylic, polyester, and even bamboo.  There are even styles that are made from organic as well.

One aspect that you should consider before you make your choice is how much sun you want to allow to come through your blinds.  Due to the fact that different materials are thicker and denser than others, some of them will do a better job at keeping the sun from going through the window.  If the window you need covered is in your bedroom, I would recommend getting one with maximum opacity for those times you need to sleep during the day and want it to be dark.  For other rooms such as the kitchen, you don’t need to keep so much sun out.