The Adventure Of A Loft Bed With Slide

As a kid what were the ultimate experiences that made playtime fun? Bunk beds when we went on holidays was an adventure. Certainly, going to the park and sliding down the slide was one of those memorable experiences that always come back to you as part of the good times.

Camping as a kid, too, was also one of those fun experiences that stay with you over the years. Sleeping out under the stars in your own little cubby house.

Just imagine how pumped you’d be as a kid if you were able to join three of those fun memories together as your bed every night. A bunk bed with a slide on the side covered by a tent. That’s almost too much fun.

Loft Bed With Slide and Tent For Sale

Provoking the imagination is an important part of childhood development and the games that children can play with a bedroom that is set up with this kind of loft bed would ensure that the imagination will be working overtime.

Safety Warning

It’s true a loft bed with a slide on the side would be tremendous fun but safety is a consideration that should be taken seriously. There is the potential for injury, particularly for children who are prone to moving around in their sleep. For a small child the absolute maximum height that you would want the slide to be in a bedroom would be 5 foot. Anything higher than that and you should very seriously reconsider your option.

Space Considerations

One of the bonuses you get when you buy a loft bed is that you will be saving space through the storage capabilities that you gain underneath the bed. Remember that the space that you save may be lost again by the slide. Not only will you need extra room to fit the slide in but you will also need enough room to ensure that your child doesn’t risk running straight into a wall or other furniture at the bottom.

Consider the following review comment from someone who otherwise gave the loft bed with slide and tent featured above a 4-star rating: "My boys have enjoyed using this bunk bed set. They have enjoyed playing in the tent and with the slide. The bed is made from very durable metal. The only downside for us is that their room is too small for the bed and we were not able to utilize the table that is on the side of it."

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If the idea of a bed with a slide is not quite your idea of the type of thing you want in a bedroom, you might want to consider a loft bed with desk set up.

Buying A Loft Bed With Desk Combination

When space is a little tight in the kids’ bedroom but it’s still important that you be able to fit the bed and a desk as well as a wardrobe in their somewhere, your option might come down to a loft bed with desk setting. This particular layout makes good use of the available space and also gives your children the chance to sleep in a bed that is a little on the unusual side, something that most children really appreciate.

There is quite a large range of loft beds with desk attachments available in an assortment of materials that will suit all kinds of bedroom styles. The all metal bed in a steel or brushed metal finish might be preferred for an older child or for a clean, uncluttered look. Alternatively a wooden loft bed will create a warm atmosphere in the room and will also give you the option to paint the combination in whatever colors appeal to your child.

The loft beds available may be high bunk beds giving plenty of head room to walk under the bed if desired. Another popular version is a lower loft bed in which the desk can swing out from under the bed where it is stored away when it’s not in use.

All of these loft beds are available for sale below with plenty of further details available.

Metal Loft Beds With Desk For Sale

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Wooden Loft Beds With Desk For Sale


Choosing a loft bed with a desk attachment may prove to be a difficult task but that's only because there is such a wide range of choices available. Space need never be a reason for not putting a desk and a bed together in the bedroom.

When trying to decide based on the price of the loft bed you will have to consider factors such as how sturdy the construction is. A loft bed that is not quite constructed properly is going to creak and shake at the slightest movement and will be disruptive rather than relaxing.

Not only will you be getting added desk space under the loft bed but with the majority of these units you will also be getting added shelf and storage space making this option one that is even more attractive.

A loft bed that is designed specifically for fun and to spark the imagination of the children is a loft bed with slide.

Combining Beds With Storage

When you have to deal with an undersized bedroom and you’re wondering how you will ever fit a bed and all of the cupboards and chest of drawers required to meet your storage needs, you will have to turn to some of the more creative types of beds to answer your needs. Beds that contain storage options underneath serve two purposes and they can still give you a look that meets a high quality in terms of style.

Let’s take a look at three different styles of dual function beds: platform beds, loft beds and cabin beds.

A platform bed is a bed in which the mattress is laid directly on wooden slats or panels rather than a box spring. A characteristic of this kind of bed, and one that has helped it to become particularly popular, is that the design consists of simple clean lines. Whether you buy a wood frame or a metal framed bed, there will be something that will fit in with the surrounding décor.

Due to the height at which the platform of the bed sits, there is usually plenty of under bed storage available with this style. There are quite a few models that come with built in drawers to add even more significantly to the bed’s functionality. Platform beds are generally available in either double or single sizes.

Take a look at some of the platform beds available to buy. More information is available about each bed listed.

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The next bedroom space saver is a loft bed. These kinds of beds are the sorts of things that many kids dream of sleeping in, mainly for the thrill of going to sleep at a great height. A loft bed may contain a desk or wardrobe underneath providing a handy solution for a bedroom that is too small to fit these pieces of furniture. In short, a loft bed is the top deck of a bunk bed without the lower bunk underneath.

There are a number of loft beds available that will give you a choice of a bed that will suit everyone.

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Another bed that provides storage underneath is a children’s bed, known as cabin beds. This type of bed is raised off the floor however it is not raised to the extravagant height of a loft bed. Cabin beds give your child the experience of sleeping at height, but only to the height of the top of a standard chest of drawers. In fact, a chest of drawers generally sits beneath a cabin bed giving you the space saving advantage of putting a sleeping unit and clothes storage on the same area of floor space.

The following is a selection of available cabin beds with plenty of information about each.

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Ultimately your personal needs and taste in furniture are going to help make your decision for you, but knowing what is out there is the first step to take.

Get Creative Choosing A Children's Bed

You don’t have to be limited by the standard single bed when you go out looking for children’s beds. Although the single bed is a perfectly suitable option for your child, many children are looking for something a little more imaginative to inspire their own sense of adventure. Other options for a bed for the children’s bedroom may be inspired by the need to maximize the space available which will virtually make the decision for you.

Among the different types of children’s beds available are bunk beds, loft beds, cabin beds and of course themed beds such as the ever popular racing car bed. It’s worth taking a brief look at a few of these styles of bed to get more of an idea of what your child might get out of it.

Bunk beds are the standard space saving bed that gives you two beds placed in the space normally occupied by one bed. With the beds stacked on top of one another you are likely to come up against the problem of both kids wanting to sleep in the top bunk. As a way of getting the most out of a small bedroom, bunk beds make a lot of sense.

Cabin beds also contain a top bunk but there is no bed lying below it. The bed is often perched atop a cubby house or some other play or desk area. The cabin bed also makes clever use of the space that would otherwise have been taken up with the bed by creating a work or play area in the space that would otherwise have been taken up by the bed.

A loft bed is quite similar to a cabin bed, although it will generally be perched higher and the space underneath the bed can be used for other furniture pieces such as lounges or desks or even another bed, often facing at right angles to the top bed. The loft bed is another way of maximizing the space in the bedroom.

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Your choice may very well be decided by the amount of room that you have available in the bedroom you’re planning to use as the children’s room. With bright colors and some imaginative bedclothes any change from a single bed to one of the beds mentioned above is going to have the children involved rather keen to get to bed.

These tips for furnishing a child's bedroom are just a sample of the many bedroom decor tips available online that can help give you ideas for improving the style in the bedroom.