Buying A Loft Bed With Desk Combination

When space is a little tight in the kids’ bedroom but it’s still important that you be able to fit the bed and a desk as well as a wardrobe in their somewhere, your option might come down to a loft bed with desk setting. This particular layout makes good use of the available space and also gives your children the chance to sleep in a bed that is a little on the unusual side, something that most children really appreciate.

There is quite a large range of loft beds with desk attachments available in an assortment of materials that will suit all kinds of bedroom styles. The all metal bed in a steel or brushed metal finish might be preferred for an older child or for a clean, uncluttered look. Alternatively a wooden loft bed will create a warm atmosphere in the room and will also give you the option to paint the combination in whatever colors appeal to your child.

The loft beds available may be high bunk beds giving plenty of head room to walk under the bed if desired. Another popular version is a lower loft bed in which the desk can swing out from under the bed where it is stored away when it’s not in use.

All of these loft beds are available for sale below with plenty of further details available.

Metal Loft Beds With Desk For Sale

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Wooden Loft Beds With Desk For Sale


Choosing a loft bed with a desk attachment may prove to be a difficult task but that's only because there is such a wide range of choices available. Space need never be a reason for not putting a desk and a bed together in the bedroom.

When trying to decide based on the price of the loft bed you will have to consider factors such as how sturdy the construction is. A loft bed that is not quite constructed properly is going to creak and shake at the slightest movement and will be disruptive rather than relaxing.

Not only will you be getting added desk space under the loft bed but with the majority of these units you will also be getting added shelf and storage space making this option one that is even more attractive.

A loft bed that is designed specifically for fun and to spark the imagination of the children is a loft bed with slide.