The Adventure Of A Loft Bed With Slide

As a kid what were the ultimate experiences that made playtime fun? Bunk beds when we went on holidays was an adventure. Certainly, going to the park and sliding down the slide was one of those memorable experiences that always come back to you as part of the good times.

Camping as a kid, too, was also one of those fun experiences that stay with you over the years. Sleeping out under the stars in your own little cubby house.

Just imagine how pumped you’d be as a kid if you were able to join three of those fun memories together as your bed every night. A bunk bed with a slide on the side covered by a tent. That’s almost too much fun.

Loft Bed With Slide and Tent For Sale

Provoking the imagination is an important part of childhood development and the games that children can play with a bedroom that is set up with this kind of loft bed would ensure that the imagination will be working overtime.

Safety Warning

It’s true a loft bed with a slide on the side would be tremendous fun but safety is a consideration that should be taken seriously. There is the potential for injury, particularly for children who are prone to moving around in their sleep. For a small child the absolute maximum height that you would want the slide to be in a bedroom would be 5 foot. Anything higher than that and you should very seriously reconsider your option.

Space Considerations

One of the bonuses you get when you buy a loft bed is that you will be saving space through the storage capabilities that you gain underneath the bed. Remember that the space that you save may be lost again by the slide. Not only will you need extra room to fit the slide in but you will also need enough room to ensure that your child doesn’t risk running straight into a wall or other furniture at the bottom.

Consider the following review comment from someone who otherwise gave the loft bed with slide and tent featured above a 4-star rating: "My boys have enjoyed using this bunk bed set. They have enjoyed playing in the tent and with the slide. The bed is made from very durable metal. The only downside for us is that their room is too small for the bed and we were not able to utilize the table that is on the side of it."

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If the idea of a bed with a slide is not quite your idea of the type of thing you want in a bedroom, you might want to consider a loft bed with desk set up.