How To Improve Your Home Lighting

When you are thinking about home lighting, the very important area to think off is kitchen. The environment of the kitchen should be warm, fresh and welcoming to the cooking person, and choosing lights for it is very important. You should not choose too few lights, because they will make the kitchen dark, and cause the problems for the cook. So your kitchen should contain many lights, each defining a purpose. Like up on the microwave, one on the fridge. So if the kitchen is properly done most of the home lighting is done for good.

For considering the kitchen lighting, consider first the lightning of the most used are that is the area’s where you prepare food and eat the food. So if those are well lighten most of the problem is solved. You can always use a custom 3 light chandelier, to be hung upon the dining table to shine it.

One another level of lightening is ambient lightning, which makes the room welcoming for the peoples, with soft light. It is very interesting to watch its effect on various peoples. One very easy way to do this is use small light bulbs on the corner of the tables, so they will put light on the peoples face without directly putting light on their face. Here we can use different color bulbs also, to make the effect more enjoyable.

Ambient lighting is also produced by well-chosen and well-placed table lamps. With an attractive lamp shade to diffuse the light and to give it decorative charm the type of table lamp you place in a room can definitely add to the character of the room.

While considering home lighting, keep a tab on wall lighting very serious, because if the lights don’t match the color of wall, everything will be ruined. And your home will look more like mismatch. Also it’s important to focus on outdoor lighting also, you can ask an expert to design outdoor garden light for you, or you can design it by yourself. So use these advices and make your home a full of light home.

Replacement Lamp Shades Made Easy

You may need replacement lamp shades for all kinds of reasons. A fabric lamp shade may get dirty, stained or torn. You may want to change your color scheme and have a fairly neutral lamp base so that only the shade needs to be replaced. Or you may break fragile glass lamp shades and need replacements for these.

When looking for replacements there are a few things to watch out for.

1. Ensure the Shade Matches the Base

The shade of your lamp needs to be the right size for base so that they are in proportion. A tiny shade on a large lamp base looks ridiculous as does a huge lamp shade on a tiny base. Also make sure that the two are in keeping in terms of color and style. They don't need to be the exact same color but they should tone with each other. And, as for style, twin a modern lamp base with a contemporary shade, an art deco base with an art deco type shade and so on.

2. Make Sure it Has The Right Fitting

It's no good finding the perfect replacement in looks if it does not actually fit your lamp. If you're not sure take your lamp base with you when you go shopping or simply measure the fitting.

3. Your Lamp Shade Should Match the Room

As well as the shade matching the base the whole lamp need to be in keeping with the style of the room so that it enhances it rather than detracts from it. A traditional room will not suit an ultra-modern lamp and vice versa. Also the colors of the lamp need to tone in with the color scheme of the room.

4. Make Sure Your Lamp Will Cast the Right Kind of Light

If you need a lamp for reading, don't use a dark glass or fabric shade which will mask too much light. If you need to cast light upwards to provide more general lighting then choose a torchiere type shade rather than a classic one. Also check that the shade can take a powerful enough light bulb. Some of them are only made for the weakest bulbs.