Decorating Your Bedroom to Fit Your Tastes

Of all the rooms in your home, the one room that should fit your tastes as much as possible is your bedroom. Your room is sort of a home within a home…it’s usually where you go to relax, to sleep, or tend to personal things, so shouldn’t it meet your standards as far as design, layout, and comfort? Sometimes you may possibly need to buy some new things for your room, but other times, it might be a matter of de-cluttering and moving the décor around a little bit. I’ll explain how to do a bedroom makeover on a bit of a budget.

The first thing you need to look at is the wall. Is the color one that you fancy, or just a shade you tolerate? If you’ve got wallpaper, do you like the pattern, or is it the witch-vomit design left over from the previous owners? If you can afford a new wall color, then take a stroll to the nearest home improvement store and check out some of their paint swatches or wallpaper designs. There are often a couple colors and patterns that will leap out at you immediately; intuition doesn’t just pop up to warn you of trouble. This is in all probability not too budget-friendly if you don’t have much money to spend, so I would advise only changing the color of your walls if you absolutely cannot stand what you have and you can afford to fritter the money on paint and paper. A great way to decorate without painting is with a vinyl decal or some removable wall stickers.

If you really can’t go another day without some kind of paper on your wall, consider checking out some wallpaper borders. These are exactly what they sound like…paper borders that go around the edges of walls, usually the edge formed by the top of a wall and the ceiling. They can add a nice and noticeable, yet delicate hint of style and detail to an otherwise plain wall. And these borders come in a variety of patterns; from floral designs to slogans…it’s just a matter of finding something you like that will match your room’s current theme. A dark border on a light wall will make for a nice color contrast. For example, if you have a dark green bedroom wall, a beige border around the room will not only be a color complement, but a shade complement.

Considering Red Bar Stools

Every man has a dream of the perfect rec room in their home.  Whether it's a basement fully decked out to be the sports center of your dream, or a side room down the hall with a built in bar, there are many options to creating a good looking man den.  One of the first things you will want to look at to give the room the perfect touch is seating.   If you are looking to punch up the style of your home, consider red bar stools. Why red bar stools? Because bar stools are versatile pieces of furniture which can be used in nearly any area of your home, and there are actually many different types of red bar stools that can add a wide range of  themes depending on what exactly you're looking for.  Using a bar stool in the color red acts to accentuate the piece and make it a visible style element in any room.

Red bar stools can obviously be used at your kitchen or dining room island area to add a colorful seating touch. Many people prefer more neutral colors in these areas. By using red bar stools you add a unique addition that lets your kitchen or dining room area stand out.

Another place to use red bar stools is in a living room or entry way. Just use the bar stool to hold a potted plant, a treasured photo or any work of art. The red color of the bar stool automatically draws the eye to that piece. Also, by using a bar stool rather than merely a table or easel to display these objects, you are again creating a simple, yet unusual and dramatic style element to your home.

So next time you are shopping for a great addition to your home furnishings, consider red bar stools for the different areas of your home.

Home Decor Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

Giving original art as a gift to those you love can be personal, thrilling and thoughtful. It also gives you the freedom to set your budget and spend as much as you choose. There is an endless supply of works of art that require the buyer to spend a lot, but it's also just as easy for anyone to find and visit local galleries, many of which present and sell works that are at very affordable prices. The range of works available is also wide, and buyers from all sorts of backgrounds are sure to find something that pleases them.

If you're purchasing a piece of art as a home decor gift for a loved one, it's important to consider who it is you're buying for, what their tastes are and what their home setting is like - you don't want to give a work of art to someone who's not going to appreciate it! Furthermore, consider: is the piece you're buying purely for aesthetic purposes, or is it an investment whose value will increase in the future?

A type of artwork that has increasing fans is the Mode painting or print. Many developing, skilled artists are branching out into this form of painting, and coupled with gorgeous frames that complement the work, they really do make for beautiful home decor gifts that are sure to be loved. They are displayed in many galleries, so they're easily available to be seen before purchasing. What's more is, if you hunt around, you're likely to grab a great bargain now, but have the work's value increase as time goes on.

Artwork, though, isn't only limited to paintings and prints. Various local galleries showcase other works of art including: sculpture, ceramics, textiles and prints that can be difficult to find elsewhere. The choice is endless, and you're sure to find something you love - whether it's for a loved one, or for self indulgence and appreciation!