Can A Stair Runner Be Used In The Hallway?

Runner rugs come in two different styles, standard runners that you will use for the hallway and stair runners. The two different types of runner rugs are made differently and are two distinctly different types of rugs. However, you can get away with using a hallway runner as a stair runner if that’s the way you wish to use it.

A standard runner rug is essentially just a rug that has been made in a long rectangular shape. They are made with a border on all four sides just like a regular area rug. For the most part the runner rug is used as a hallway rug rather than on stairs. When they are woven, runner rugs are usually finished with bound ends that are serged or whipped along the two side lengths.

Most stair runners, on the other hand, are woven as continuous roll runners and may be woven using one of a number of different weaving processes using a narrow loom. The narrow loom allows the runner to be finished with woven selvedges so that the rug will not fray. The main point about buying a stair runner is that, because it has been made in a long continuous roll it can be cut to the perfect size for your stairs. The last thing you need is a seam partway up the stairs because one runner wasn’t long enough to do the job.

When buying a runner rug to be used as a stair runner you are going to have to take into consideration the way the rug is going to be laid on the stairs and the effect it will have on the length.

Runner rugs are available in different materials. You can choose from synthetic or wool runners or it is also possible to buy runner rugs made from a combination of both. It will really come down to the color and design that most appeals to you and then the price will differ depending on the material with which the rug is made.

One of the factors that is very important when deciding on a runner rug to use as a stair runner as opposed to a hall runner is that it must be a durable rug. A stair runner is going to be subject to some heavy traffic because the feet tend to hit the ground harder when ascending and descending stairs. For this reason you will be more likely to use a synthetic or synthetic/wool blend for your stair runner. The pile of a stair runner should be denser as well which is also key to the durability it will exhibit.

One of the differences you might consider when placing your runner rugs in either the hall or on the stairs is the accessory you will use with each. A hallway runner should be laid down with a strong rug pad to keep it from slipping about and a stair runner can be anchored with stair rods to ensure that the rug is kept nicely secured.

The bottom line is, if you were wondering whether a stair runner can be used in a hallway then the answer is yes by all means use the stair runner in the hallway. Make sure the ends of the stair runner have been properly finished and bound to ensure there is no fraying.

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