Franke Granite Sink Colors and Specifications

The Franke granite sink color range depends on the type of sink you buy with the various colors only available for a particular size or configuration. For convenience, here is a brief rundown of the various Franke granite sinks available along with the colors you can buy them in.

You can buy Franke granite sinks in either single bowl or double bowl size. The size of a single bowl topmount/undermount sink measures 15-3/4” x 21-3/8” on the interior of the bowl and 22-3/16” x 25-3/4” as the overall dimension. The depth of the sink measures 9 1/8”. The Franke granite sink colors for this particular sink are white, slate and champagne.

The Franke granite double bowl sinks are also available although there is a larger range of these sinks with two sinks available as topmount / undermount options and a third sink that can only be installed as a topmount sink.

The first double bowl sink comes with only a single faucet hole and the overall dimension of the sink itself is 33” x 22”. The depth of the two bowls are 9” and 8” respectively with the larger of the bowl sitting on the left measuring 14 1/8” x 18 1/2” while the smaller bowl, the one on the right, measures 14 1/8” x 15 ¼”. This particular model, which is model number OSL3322-1, is available in three colors, slate, white and champagne.

The other topmount / undermount option in the Franke double sink range also comes with a single faucet hole although you can order the sink with an extra 3 knockouts if required. This double sink differs from the previous model in that the left and right bowl sizes are identical, each measuring 16” x 14” and with a depth of 9”. The overall dimension of the sink is the same as the previous sink, measuring 33” x 22”. The colors that this sink is available in are graphite, polar white and ivory.

The final double sink in the Franke range is an undermount sink that features bowls that are the same size measuring 14” x 15”. The depth of the sink is 8” which is not quite as deep as the other double sinks. The overall dimension of the sink is the same though at 33” x 22”. You can buy this particular granite sink in one of three colors: slate, white or champagne.

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