Some Creative Reasons to Buy Unfinished Furniture

If you are someone who enjoys woodworking or making projects than you could buy unfinished furniture and paint or stain it yourself. There are several stores that specialize in the sale of wood products that are left unfinished. These are specifically created so you can design it yourself to go with the type of décor where the item will be. There is a wide assortment of furniture pieces you can purchase this way. You will find tables for a kitchen or dining area as well as chairs. There will be several types of cabinets and bookcase units that come as unfinished items.

There are some specialty pieces as well such as benches and desks. For those individuals that really enjoy creating their own look to furniture you can use types of decoupage materials on these items to give them an original design. Many people choose to do this type of refinishing work and then sell their new items for a profit. Another way to work in this same general area is to buy second hand furniture and refinish it. You can also sell these items for a profit. You can purchase a lot of good quality wood items from a used or second hand store.

Many larger department stores will carry unfinished wood items that can be custom designed by you. The price of purchasing an unfinished piece compared to one that is finished is a lot less. The cost of purchasing the item from a store that sells slightly used items will be even lower. Refinishing items yourself is a great way to express your originality. Some craft shops carry pre-designed decals for use with decoupage projects to make your decorating easy. Creating your own designs allows you to create a designer look in a room by having all the pieces match.

Rocking Chairs

Although there is some debate over the origin of the rocking chair, the modern indoor rocking chair is a part of most households in the US today.

Some speculate that Benjamin Franklin designed the first rocking chair on the American continent using the concept of a cradle, adding the curved wooden rocker pieces or skates to the bottom of a chair in much the same fashion rockers were attached to the legs of a cradle. In England, a similar chair appeared for outdoor use. This chair was called the Windsor rocker after Windsor castle were it is first recorded to have been used. In the late 1800”s a German craftsman named Michael Thonet came up with a lightweight bentwood rocker that became very popular in England and Europe. Mr. Franklin, Mr. Thonet, and the person who made the first Windsor Rocker all had one goal in mind, to sit more comfortably. Certainly, Benjamin Franklin watched while mothers rocked cradles to sooth their babies to sleep. He may well have seen men leaning the back two legs of straight back chairs against the wall with their feet propped on a porch rail or another chair to achieve a greater degree of comfort. Maybe he liked the motion of a swing in the garden and wanted to recreate that same feel where it was not practical to have a swing.

Whatever the motivation, the rocking chair began to be a part of modern furniture in the 1700”s. However, the concept of the human form rocking began much earlier. The word “rocker” began to appear in the 15th century. It was a term used for the person who was in charge of rocking the cradle. Later it came to mean speakers or orators who put others to sleep with their monotone speech patterns.

There are examples of women or “rockers” setting beside cradles in Renaissance art but no evidence of a rocking chair until the 1750’s. Why it took man so long to transfer the idea of children being soothed by the rocking motion to adults wanting to rock, I cannot say. Adult sized cradles were made and used by the Shakers in New England in the early 1800”s. The adult cradles were used to help care for the elderly and very sick.

Today, rockers are big business. They can be found in any store that carries a line or type of living room furniture. You find them in home and garden centers and the most avant-garde furniture boutiques. They are throwaway cheap and thousands of dollars. They are metal, wood, wicker, plastic and combinations of materials. You can find them inside and outside; anywhere someone wants to rest for a few minutes or a few hours.

A Leather Armchair For Every Taste

If there is one piece of furniture that has been gaining steady popularity over the years it has to be the leather armchair. A leather armchair is really popular with many homeowners and it is easy to see why.

In the first place, leather is a really hardwearing and great material. That is why it has been used for years for our clothes, our accessories and now our upholstery. Yes, this means that there are leather sofas, ottomans and footstools too. Leather as an armchair will give you years of enjoyment as it is durable and will not look worn out. The best thing about leather is that it actually gets much better as it ages. The leather becomes softer and provides an even more comfortable seating option.

And the best thing too is that a leather armchair can be found in whatever style or color or look that you like. There are so many choices out there that you are bound to find one that takes your fancy. For people who prefer to live in the now with contemporary or modern furniture there are contemporary leather armchairs in colors like red, wine or burgundy. The style of the armchair too is more modern, like the club chair or a sleeker version with a high back and smaller arms.

If you don’t like red, you can choose something that never fails to delight, a brown leather armchair. These can also be found in various designs. But let’s not restrict your options to just shades of red and brown. You can even have black or white leather which are all just as classy and available in contemporary designs.

On the other hand, if you like the look of days gone by where leather armchairs were hand crafted and framed in hardwood, you will be delighted to know that there are many armchairs that are antique leather armchairs. Some of these have been around for generations. Their more intricate design may appeal to you.

For added comfort you can also find a leather armchair with footstool with the footstool able to tuck neatly away under the armchair when not needed.

As you can see, the appeal leather armchair lies in the fact that it is a versatile piece of furniture. Whatever you pick, you would be happy to know that the leather armchair is a great investment for your home.