Sleigh Bed or a Four Poster Bed

When it comes to choosing a type of bed for the bedroom, many people will just choose whatever is on sale. This if fine of course but if you want to make your room look a lot more attractive, then you will want to take a bit more time in choosing the right bed. Why is this important? If you think about it, the bedroom is the room that you will spend the most amount of time in. When you walk into your room after a long day of hard work, you will want to see a nice looking scene and since the bed is the biggest thing in your room, you will want to make sure you get a bed that will look good. There are a ton of different types of beds that you can choose from but let's look at two choices.

The first choice that you have is the sleigh bed. These types of beds are pretty much like how they sound. If you think of a sleigh, the one thing that will probably stand out the most is the curved shape in the front and back of the sleigh. With these types of beds, the appeal is in the curved headboard and foot board. There are many different finishes that you can choose from as well as depth of the curve. This is great if you want a simple, yet elegant look for your bed.

The ultimate of these types of beds is the king size sleigh which simply oozes with style. A king size sleigh bed in oak or cherry would create the central focus of a large master bedroom that requires a bed of distinction.

The king size sleigh bed should be a prized possession and the good news is that you don't have to pay huge money to have one in your bedroom.

If you want something a bit more luxurious looking, then you can get a four poster bed. These types of beds will definitely add a big visual appeal to your room. The main thing about this type of bed is that it will come with four posts on each corner of the bed. Many people will think of royalty when they see these types of beds. You can have a choice of having a canopy on top as well as curtains coming down. This type of bed isn't for everyone but if you want a brand new look, then this can be a great choice. You can find other types of beds by visiting a furniture store or even going online.

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