Expanding The Kitchen Island

If you already have a kitchen island but are still running out of bench space you may be at a loss as to what to do to solve your problem. The answer may be as simple as expanding the kitchen island to meet your needs. This may require some work if you are going to get it done yourself but it will save you the expense of having to buy a larger kitchen island.

Expanding the kitchen island will involve careful consideration of how much floor space you can afford to lose and then, so you won’t have to go through the process again, how big you will need the island expanded to. The first thing you are going to have to ensure is that there is enough room in the kitchen to handle the expansion. If there is already barely enough room in the kitchen you are going to have to consider removing something such as existing cabinetry or relocating the island to a more suitable spot. A quick way to test whether the expanded kitchen island is going to fit is to mark out the boundaries of the proposed island with masking tape. As you move through the kitchen it will help you determine whether it will allow the traffic to flow unimpeded.

With any luck the expansion will only need to occur on one end of the island, although the chances are to make it look symmetrical, it will have to be expanded at either end.

Depending on the flooring that you have you may need to remove some of the floor covering so the larger island will fit and look like it has always been there. You will then have to begin the construction of the framework of the new cabinet. With any luck you can use a portion of the existing cabinetry.

A new countertop to fit the larger island will have to be installed and then the finishing touches may be added such as the kick plate etc. The color and finish of the expanded kitchen island will be determined by the rest of the room, hopefully it will blend in with the rest of the kitchen décor.

Rather than go through a permanent kitchen island expansion there is also an option that will allow the kitchen island to expand on an as-needed basis.

When you are not blessed with a great deal of available space in the kitchen / breakfast room area but you would like a kitchen island and possibly a breakfast table or some kind of dining area you will be fairly limited in your options. Ina great space saving solution there are reasonably sized kitchen islands that expand out into dining table by simply sliding the top out when it is needed.

The ideal version of these expanding kitchen island / dining table combinations will provide you with a food preparation area that is high enough to work comfortably at, and then, when it expands into the dining table configuration the table top height will lower itself to a normal dining table height.