A Traditional Look With Pinch Pleat Drapes

If you haven’t had a lot to do with drape styles before you may be having a little difficulty with the various terms used to describe certain styles. Take, for example, pinch pleat drapes. This is a style that is one of the most popular basic drape styles but the question remains what is it about this type of drapes that makes it so popular?

Pinch pleat drapes are essentially made of fabric panels which are drawn in at regular intervals by pleats that are formed by pinching the fabric together at the top of the panel to create billowing folds. Pinch pleats are made by gathering three smaller folds and fastening them together so it looks as if the fabric were pinched together with the fingers. The pinch pleats gather the fabric tightly at the top and create voluminous folds in the panels that extend to the floor. These tucks of fabric make pinch pleat curtain panels more full than curtain panels without pleats.

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Because the pinch pleats create depth and movement drapes with pinch pleats look especially nice when they are made with fabrics that catch the light. Silk pinch pleated drapes shimmer in the light at the peaks of the folds and descend into a deeper shadow in the crevices creating both rich and tonal colors and a luminous effect. Silk pinch pleated drapes look especially opulent when made of a dark midnight blue silk or in various golden tones. Golden silk drapes look beautiful in a sunny room when really glisten in the sunlight.

Another type of fabric which works nicely with the depth and movement of the pinch pleats is striped fabric. Instead of the pattern which would be seen if striped fabric were to lay flat, the pleats arrange the stripes in a new way which is not as evenly punctuated. The same concept applies with all fabrics patterned with straight lines such as checks and plaids.

Pinch pleat drapes are made in heavier fabrics that can be used to block out intense sunlight, and are also made in semi transparent lighter polyester fabrics which still provide the volume of the pleats but let the light shine through them as well. Most pinch pleat drapes are made with a pocket to slide onto a curtain rod which is good for curtains which are going to stay in one place on the window. Pinch pleat drapes can also be clipped to curtain rings which slide easily across a curtain rod if the drapes will be opened and closed on a regular basis.

The reason that pinch pleat drapes are such a popular choice is because they are a traditional pleat type that gives the drapes an immediate charm. The pleats create an attractive fan effect along the top edge and fall to make a consistent pattern along the top that allows the drapes to hang in a way that gives them more volume.

Grommet Drapes Are A Sleek Choice

There is a huge variety of different types of curtains or drape styles to choose from an the ones you end up with will depend very much on your own aesthetic needs. One of the more popular styles of drapes are grommet drapes.

Grommet drapes are made by making eyelet holes near the top of the curtains and inserting metal grommets to finish the edge. The grommets are placed equidistant from each other so the curtain folds are of an even size. It is easy to slide the curtain rod through the grommet holes which makes hanging these curtains a snap. These curtains are ideal for larger windows or to cover up a sliding door for privacy because the grommets slide along the curtain rod for easy opening and closing.

Grommet drapes are a great option for turning traditional curtains sleek and modern. Pleated curtains add volume and folds, and curtains with rod pockets are more structured and fitted to the rod. Grommet drapes combine aspects from both of these traditional curtain types. Grommets are made of metal like the curtain rod, so the curtain is held up with some structured materials, and the curtains gain more folds as they are opened.

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Grommet drapes are not always sold with the curtain rod, so it is important to note what the color of the grommets are. If the grommets are made of sleek silver, a coordinating silver curtain rod would be the best match. The drapes can be made of various materials. Silk looks especially nice when they are used with grommets because the traditional fabric is made more modern by the newer hanging design. Silk drapes which were once confined to pleats and fitted curtain rod pockets can be turned loose with grommet drapes.

These types of drapes are good to use in a children's play area within the home because the children can easily slide the windows open at their height without pulling on the fabric or standing on a chair. They can also be used to dress windows which get too much sunlight during the day, or windows which are across from televisions or computer screens. If there is too much sunlight during the afternoon the drapes can be opened in the morning and shut when the sun is streaming in the room, and can also be shut to eliminate glare.

Although the usual way to get grommet drapes is to go out and either buy them ready made from a store or to have them made for you using measurements of the window. However if you are handy with the sewing machine there is not too much involved in making them yourself. The difficult part is inserting the grommets themselves but as long as you proceeded carefully it’s a task that shouldn’t be too onerous.

Grommet drapes are the kind of soft furnishings that appear to be simply designed yet they look good and they serve the purpose they are designed for admirably.