Collect Denby Teapots

Teapots have long been a staple of the family home as they are essential for pouring the perfect cup of tea. As with many other household items that were originally made for a functional purpose the decorative and the stylish examples have prompted collectors to start buying them. And it’s a good thing too because the result has been some outstanding teapots made from a wide range of materials. This extends to the range of Denby teapots that have been produced as part of each successive line of Denby dinnerware.

It is possible to build a fine teapot collection around all of the different types of Denby teapots that have been released over many years. By gradually building up your collection of Denby teapots you will be able to display them in all of their elegant style. It is particularly satisfying to pick out some of the beautiful discontinued lines, too.

Many people might consider Denby dinnerware as plain and every day, and the truth is that they have been manufactured with the aim of providing solid crockery that will endure for many years of use. But you can also appreciate the lines and colors that have been used in each of the pieces and the teapots from the various collections are prime examples of this.

The more collectible Denby teapots are the styles that have been discontinued. Models such as the Reflex, Portugal Dreaming and Marrakesh provide the decorative qualities that would add definite value to any collection.

The following a few examples of the various Denby teapots still available that highlights both the similarities and the differences in the various ranges. It is possible to use any of these teapots as decorative items for display or occasional use.

Denby Fire Large Curve Teapot

The Curve style of teapot has been used a number of times in the various Denby ranges. Look at the Azure, Fire, Jet and Bicentenary teapots for examples of the various glazes that create teapots of distinction and grace.

Included here are a few teapots that exhibit the sweeping lines and knob top of the Curve teapot. The various glazes that they are available in provide you with the variation.

Denby Camelot Teapot

The Denby Camelot teapot is a beautiful design that was made with a matte finish in dark green. The style of this teapot looks more natural than the more recent styles of teapots and would suit a rustic setting. The Camelot teapot is a smaller teapot measuring around 5 ½ inches tall.

Denby Harlequin Teapot

An outstanding discontinued teapot that will provide some exquisite and eye-catching color to the room is the Denby Harlequin teapot. This is the kind of ceramic teapot that might be considered more of the traditional looking style but the glaze that has been used provides a very attractive piece of pottery.

Collect and Decorate With Denby Teapots

Collectors of teapots should be aware of the many different styles and sizes of the various Denby teapots. Even non-collectors will appreciate the colors and lines of these pottery pieces and should find a decorative use for them.