Playhouse Decoration Ideas

Allowing the imagination to take over and transform your world into something fun and make believe is what a playhouse is all about. A playhouse can be anything from a princess castle to a school room, it can be as big or as small as you like and it can be decorated with all kinds of accessories to give it an atmosphere that your kids will enjoy.

There are many different types of accessories that can be bought and added to the playhouse to change the interior appearance without having to spend a lot on the process. Streamers and wall decals can be found at just about any novelty store and, for the most part, the more colourful they are the greater the impact.

It doesn't matter what kind of playhouse your children own, it can be a home-made playhouse that has been specially constructed in the corner of the backyard or it could be a Little Tykes Playhouse that follows a specific theme.

Not only can streamers and posters be used to decorate the playhouse effectively. Small items of furniture can be used to completely change the way the playhouse looks. Trunks or chests can be used as seating as well as storage for toys and games, they can be painted bright colors to match the rest of the room. Rugs placed on the floor will give the playhouse a more cosy feeling to the floors and the walls can be given all different kinds of treatments that will prove to be successful with the kids.

Before you even get into the playhouse you can make a few decorative adjustments to it to provide a more exciting entry. The color can be altered with a quick paint job. Adding a few features at the door, perhaps even a welcome mat at the door might appeal. The windows can be decorated to gie the appearance of a quaint little cottage and the roof can be changed to suit as well.

Make sure there are no dangerous corners or edges that can catch the kids as they go about their business in the playhouse. Tighten up squeaks and ensure that every joint has been properly finished off. Providing a solid environment for the children when they are using their playhouse will ensure they will want to come back and use it again and again.

A fun little project that you may want to share with your children is to create a name for the playhouse. When the name is chosen help them make a sign that can be hung on the front next to the door. The sign can be as simple or as detailed as your children may feel like getting. This type of task will help give your children an even greater sense of ownership of their playhouse which will also result in a desire to use it.

Decorating Your Home in Black and White

When choosing to incorporate black and white into your decorating plan, you can do so on a large or small scale. You have options such as choosing floor covering that is totally black or white or a mixture of the two in some type of pattern design. Painting walls white and opting for a small black accent wall is also a possible design option.

One other large scale means of adding black and white to your home is with your selection of furniture. Black furniture can successfully be included in a room with a modern design plan, an art deco or retro style decor, an eclectic style room, or a rustic type design plan. It is all a matter of furniture style selection.

The use of area rugs or accent rugs is a logical way to add black and white to your decor. Zebra print rugs or geometric design patterns are possible choices in a modern room. Various contemporary rugs are created in black and white patterns. For a rustic decor, there are several options but the fake bear rug is among the most popular.

The lighting you choose should also coincide with your black and white theme. A black chandelier with candle type bulbs and shimmering beads adds elegance to a dining or living area. Wrought iron chandeliers with a scroll designed frame can enhance various decorating styles. To create a rustic lodge or cabin atmosphere, a chandelier with shades that have pine trees, deer, or bear motifs on them would be an excellent choice of lighting.

Any room of your home can be designed with a black and white decor. Silhoutte prints and black and white photographs are great items to add to your walls. For decorating versatility you can use bold colored pillows, towels, and other accessories to your black and white decor.