Crystal Door Knobs

The desire to add something special to your rooms can extend to any number of different options, some of them come readily to mind (painting the walls) while others may not be immediately obvious (replacing the door knobs with crystal door knobs). A vital part of successfully performing your own home interior decorating is to take a chance every now and then and choose to place items that you really love in the house. Crystal door knobs might fall exactly under this category.

Compared to Ceramic and Metal Door Knobs

Crystal door knobs are not going to suit every type of décor and they are not going to appeal to every homeowner, but they are an option that can add elegance to an older style home. They are going to create an impact on those who are not used to seeing such hardware, particularly when most people are used to seeing brass, steel or ceramic door knobs.

Like most products there is a variety of quality when it comes to the various types of crystal door knobs for sale. It is possible to buy cheap versions but if you are going to make a statement with your door knobs you are more likely going to want to use a quality product. In this case you are going to be paying for it.

While the clear crystal door knobs are the most commonly found they are also available in a variety of colors for those rooms that require a little added sparkle. Amber, purple, green and brown crystal door knobs are not unheard of although it is going to require a bold decorative style to pull off anything other than a clear crystal door knob.

In a lot of cases the crystal door knob that you choose is going to be made or broken by the accompanying metal setting and scratch plate upon which it is set. The majority of these types of door knobs are going to be set on a brass plate that may either be shined or dull and the metalwork that has gone into the finish could be the deciding factor of whether you want to buy it or not. Pictured on this page is a crystal door knob with a pewter backing and you have to admit it looks pretty good. It is important, therefore, to pay close attention to the metalwork that comes with each door knob and not just the shape and appearance of the crystal.

Swarovski Crystal Door Knobs

Swarovski Crystal Door KnobLet's start off on a high note with a brand that is sure to feature in the finest of homes. If you want to make a real statement with a piece of hardware, doing it with a Swarovski crystal door knob might just be the ultimate extravagance.

Not only are door knobs made from the finest of crystal but you can be sure that the polished brass, satin nickel or chrome is going to be the finest available too.

The door knob that is displayed here is a Baldwin Swarovski Crystal Cabinet Knob with Gold Plated Brass and it is a beautiful and solid piece of hardware that is easy to install and provides a significant display.

Find out more about the Baldwin Swarovski Crystal Knob here.

You can be sure that if there is any chance of the light being captured by some facet of this handle it is going to be picked up and displayed to the best advantage.

The handle displayed above might be considered one of the cheaper options in the Swarovski range and shows off the crystal to its best.

The handle displayed below is another model that has either a polished chrome or gold finish and is one of the finest interior handles you can buy.

Swarovski Crystal Door Handle

For more information about this fine crystal door knob click here.

Crystal Octagonal Door Knobs

If you’re going to use a material as beautiful and flawless as crystal for your door knobs you may as well buy them in a suitably impressive shape. The octagon shaped door knobs are particularly impressive to look at and the facets are perfect for showing off the clear cut of the crystal.

You will find that the octagon crystal door knobs were particular favorites many years ago with many examples of antique crystal door knobs featuring this shape.

In fact they are not as unusual as they sound because, when you look at them, it makes sense that they are made in an octagonal shape. They give you a much better chance of grasping and turning the door handle without the fingers slipping.

Here is an example of a pair of typical octagonal door knobs that have been made with a crystal appearance.

Octagonal Crystal Door Knobs

Crystal Round Door Knobs

A beautifully classic shape for a door knob is the round knob and when this is presented as a crystal door knob the appearance is even more beautiful. These solid crystal door knobs are most effective when they are given a multifaceted cut with the many different angles showing off the beauty of the material.

One of the very nice things to remember about changing your door knobs around the home from a tired old metal knob to a crystal equivalent is that it is an easy job for anyone to do. You don’t have to be an experienced DIY handyman to remove the old knobs and replace them with the new.

Crystal Door Pulls

Expanding a little further from the original door knob theme and sure to complement the doors is the possibility of matching them up with crystal door pulls on cupboards and drawers.

Embellishing cupboard doors and drawers with crystal door pulls is a simple way of adding a real point of interest to the furniture. They are made in a range of shapes and sizes and are just as popular today as they were in the early 20th century.

Antique door pulls are still available to provide an authentic vintage look to a cabinet. But there is also a very good selection of modern knobs and pulls that are commonly available at very reasonable prices.

Below is a brief selection of smaller crystal door pulls that will be suitable for many types of cupboard doors or drawers.


Crystal Glass Cabinet Knob Cupboard Drawer Pull Handle Diamond Shape Cabinet Knob Cupboard Drawer Pull Handle

Antique Crystal Door Knobs

The practice of using crystal door knobs in homes started to get underway early in the 20th century. It became a sure sign of superior opulence to fit the doors to rooms and to cupboards with the extravagant looking door knobs.

These days it is possible to find examples of these antique crystal door knobs that have been saved as rooms have undergone modernization. The fact is that using an antique crystal door knob in the home will definitely stand out and create an elegant look.

 Antique Crystal Door Handles and Face Plates  Antique Victorian Crystal Glass Handles

Because these types of door knobs are a little more fragile than their metal or ceramic counterparts they are going to be more expensive. But it is definitely worth the trouble because, if you can find them undamaged, some of these old door knobs are particularly stunning.