How to Buy Corner Bathtubs

Corner bathtubs can make a big difference to any bathroom but it’s important to get the right one. This article will take you through buying a new corner bathtub and some of the things that you need to keep in mind before doing so. These steps should be followed only after you’ve set your budget otherwise you could spend a lot of time looking at tubs that you can’t afford.

Before you even start looking for a new tub you need to accurately measure the space that you have available. It’s usually a good idea to take several measurements just in case you get the first one wrong! Remember, you can’t fill your bathroom with the tub – you need to have enough space around it to move around comfortably.

If you already have a shower fitting in place then it’s usually a good idea to place the tub in the same location.  This means that additional plumbing won’t be required if you need a shower for your bathtub. Not only will this save a lot of hassle but it’ll also cost a lot less.

When you start looking at specific bathtubs the manufacturer will provide minimum space requirements. You should always stick to these because they’re provided for a reason.

If you want to use your corner bathtub as a shower then you’ll often have to buy the shower curtain or door separately. You should make sure that it suits the bathroom and tub design and is big enough to stop water from getting out of the bath whilst you’re having a shower. Many people make the mistake of buying a shower door that appears big enough only to find out that the water can get around it. This usually isn’t a major problem but can increase the maintenance of the bathroom.

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