Bedding – Purple Comforters for Regal Beauty

If you are into furniture, design, and decorating around the home, you may already have thought of this idea.  I'm a bit slow today, so it just occurred to me. It's the purple bedspread. Is that a great int deco now idea, or what!?

Ever since I thought of this, or more precisely, ever since the vision of it appeared in my mind as clear as day, I have wanted it. Yes, I want a purple bedspread or comforter.

In terms of the physical warmth and design accent a comforter provides, having a bedspread is a good value. What color could be more beautiful for it than purple. Purple is that perfect mix on the color chart between red and blue.  That it has red in it at all is kind of funny, since I don't really consider myself to be a stylish rd person. But purple.. now we're talking!

The other thing purple has going for it is that for centuries purple has been the color associated with royalty. Works for me!

If you have ever read any of the Robert Kiyosaki books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you will recall the color purple on the book covers. Yes, purple is the color of affluence and the rich, and connotes royalty. Super! I love it!

Now, my next big decision is whether I was a solid color on the bedding, or if I would like a pattern. I am thinking that a purple patterned bedspread would be very stylish. On the other hand, a plain and soothing solid color comforter might be extraordinarily elegant.

Now, in addition to the comforter, I want some of those huge hotel-like pillows to go at the head of the bed. I want to feel like I'm at a fancy New York boutique hotel in New York. You know the kind, where they leave flower petals and Godiva chocolate on your pillow when they turn down the bed at night.

If you are looking for further great bedding ideas you might consider the possibility of decorating the kids bedroom with a nautical bedding set.

Let me know what you think. I need to hurry and buy mine online, because I am betting that you now want a purple bedspread, too! To me this will be some great value bedding.