Ring the Changes with Your Kitchen Curtains

Most of us rarely change things in our homes without having a whole new room scheme. So we might change our kitchen curtains when we remodel the kitchen but not just because we feel like a change.

If you have a colored kitchen with, for example, blue painted doors, then ringing the changes is a bit difficult anyway but now that the fashion is for more neutral kitchens with lots of white or wooden cabinets and stainless steel appliances then we can have a change whenever we feel like it. In fact changing the curtains along with a few other accessories is a great way to give our kitchen a new look without having to completely redecorate.

If you are updating your kitchen bear this in mind because if you choose a colored kitchen you will not be able to change your color scheme very easily. You may love that shade of green or blue at the moment while it is so fashionable but how will you feel about it in five years time when the interior magazines have long ago moved onto something else?

To make changing your kitchen curtains even easier you can always hang neutral blinds up at your windows and then buy dress curtains for your windows. These are very inexpensive as the fabric does does not have to be wide enough to be able to be drawn across the window (while still being gathered at the top). Instead of one and a half times the width of the window you can probably get by with two thirds or one times. As long as the fabric looks as if it could stretch across the window that is fine.

If you can make your own curtains, you can create new window coverings for your kitchen very cheaply indeed and ring the changes whenever you like. If blue is the latest color add blue curtains, a couple of tea towels and a few pieces of new china an you have a new color scheme. If next year, green is in vogue, change everything to green without too much expense!

The Smart Choice in Bathroom Sets

With the number of bathroom sets for sale these days you can be forgiven for not knowing how to start when it comes to choosing one. You will find these sets everywhere : in department stores, in interior design outlets and in bathroom stores as well as online. If you would like some help with your selection, here are some tips to help you find the best one to fit your bathroom and your lifestyle.

1. Choose the Right Color or Finish

The modern style seems to be trending towards the preference for a white bathroom so we are free to choose whichever color or finish we like. However if you have white bathroom fittings but colored floor and/or wall tiles then you need to makes sure that your bathroom set selection goes with whatever you already have in the room. The same goes for any items such as curtains and towels you want to keep and will continue to use. There is no point looking at bathroom sets which don't go with whatever else you have and don't want to get rid of.

2. Find Out What Is In the Set

Bathroom sets are made up of various items and they are not all the same in terms of what is included so check the make up of the set you have in mind and that it includes what you need (and not too much of what you don't).

3. Make Sure the Price is Right

As sets come in all price ranges make sure that the ones you are considering fit your budget and you feel that each set you are considering is value for money.

4. Make Sure the Quality is Good

Some cheaper bathroom sets will fall to pieces after a short time so check the quality of the set you are planning on buying. Look at whether there are any rough edges, whether all fastenings are secure and whether the fabric or other materials (as appropriate) are of good quality before you make your mind up.