Appreciate Polish Pottery Patterns

Polish pottery is a type of stoneware dinnerware that is not only extremely durable it is highly decorative thanks to the intricate patterns that are a distinctive feature out of the various manufacturers.

When you are looking for some of the finest examples of Polish pottery patterns you should seek out Boleslawiec pottery which can be considered one of the finest examples of pottery in the world. These hand crafted pottery pieces are incredibly decorative giving you an individual artistic beauty with every bowl, plate, platter or serving tray. It is the individuality of every piece and the intricate beauty of the tiny patterned designs that make them so appreciated by those who collect them.

Not only is the finest decorative Polish pottery particularly colourful and highly decorative but it is also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. It is the type of pottery that can be used on a daily basis and still look beautiful enough to place up on display for the enjoyment of everyone.

The many different patterns that you see on the dinnerware are often traditional Polish patterns rather than signature patterns that are specific any one pottery factory in Poland.

To get an idea of the beauty and creativity that make up the traditional Polish pottery patterns, take a look at the examples using plates as the pottery item. Displayed below are six very distinctive patterns, select any of these plates to see more details. We have also provided a link at the end to go to a more complete list of available Polish pottery plates.

Bunzlauer DU1

Zaklady Boleslawiec DU41
Bunzlauer DU60

Euroquest DU70 

Zaklady Boleslawiec 117a
Wiza Ceramika 30

Collecting Boleslawiec pottery can be very rewarding and just a little bit addictive. Once you have put together a reasonably sized collection the great desire will be finding a way to adequately display it so that it is properly showcased.

Apart from the traditional Polish pottery patterns it is also possible to build a collection based around signature patterns. Take a look at the page dedicated to Signature Unikat Polish Pottery for more information.

More Polish Pottery can be found by viewing the Green Horizon collection.