Ceramika Artystyczna Bubble Mugs

Anyone looking for a thorough selection of Ceramika Artystyczna bubble mugs should take a look at the range that is listed for sale below. The mugs come in two sizes, the 16oz mugs are designated as gentlemen's bubble mugs while the 12oz mugs are designated as ladies bubble mugs.

Why not start a collection of bubble mugs and joing the hundreds of enthusiastic collectors who have recognised that Ceramika Artystyczna makes some of the finest Polish pottery available. This page gives you the opportunity to buy both the larger gentleman's bubble mugs and the smaller ladies bubble mugs further down.

16oz Gentleman's Bubble Mugs For Sale

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12oz Ladies Bubble Mugs For Sale

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The bubble mug is a rather uniquely shaped mug with an exaggerated bowl underneath a flaring lip. The mug fits neatly into the hand and provides a generous serving no matter whether you choose the larger 16oz or the smaller 12oz versions. The bubble mug is a speciality of the Polish pottery collection with some very nice designs available. They will provide you with a mug that you will look forward to use whenever you sit down to whatever beverage you prefer.

As can be seen from the selection above the hand-painted designs on these mugs are very special and the stoneware pottery produced by Ceramika Artystyczna is acknowledged as the finest examples of Polish pottery available. There are still more fine examples available and these are the Unikat Signature Pattern bubble mugs manufactured by the same pottery factory. A full listing of the fine works in the Unikat range are available by clicking here.

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