Carpeting Tips and Ideas

If you’re a homeowner, at some point in time you’ve more than likely considered replacing or carpeting your home or maybe even outdoor patio or area. When you think about carpeting, there are several different approaches to take and ways of saving money and getting the best carpeting for your needs. One of the biggest challenges is finding the best carpet price for the type of carpet you need.

There isn’t one end all way to finding great carpet prices, but there are ways you can save on carpeting by having a little patience and doing some research. One way to save on carpet pricing is to consider the use of carpet remnants.

Don’t Forget About the Pad

Good padding can really increase the life and enjoyment you get out of your carpet. Making sure you get the best padding available for the carpet you choose will also ensure that your carpet is covered under warranty. Meaning, that some carpet manufacturers will not honor the warranty on their carpet if the padding is not the proper thickness or grade; so be sure to check that you’re getting the correct padding with your carpet. Generally speaking, your padding should not be more than 7/16 inches in thickness but make sure it’s the best quality.

When shopping, you’re most likely to find carpet prices per square foot, which is the most commonly used measure and pricing for carpet. Be sure to take into consideration the padding and installation price as well. As a generally rule, you can add $1 for padding and installation to get a good estimate for what you’re carpeting will cost.

The best way to find carpet pricing that fits your budget is to first come up with a number that is the most you can afford to spend on carpeting and go from there. Next, arm yourself with a list of carpet outlets and possibly even online retailers, measure the square footage you plan to carpet, and start comparing prices.

Knowing your square footage and that you’ll need to add $1 to the per square foot price will give you enough information to go out and start finding a carpet that fits your needs.