Travertine Bullnose Tile For Trim

If you are planning to add a travertine tiled shower to your home there are a few things you need to think about.  Of course the first is what shade of travertine stone you are going to use.  Generally, these tiles are fairly light in color but there are differing shades available which can greatly affect the look and feel of your shower and actually your entire bathroom.  The old rule of thumb for interior design is, the smaller the space and the less light available the lighter the wall covering.  This gives a feeling of size that a dark color can not provide.

Another question to ask is how you will integrate the shower tiles with the remainder of the bathroom.  Will you have a tiles shower stall with the tiles stopping at the door?  Will you tie in the travertine shower tiles with the same or complimentary tiles on the countertop?  Or are you interested in placing a matching tile on the entire floor of the space and then using that as a natural lead in to the shower itself.  This effect can work very well as it makes the room appear jointed instead of disjointed if you have one type of floor covering, another countertop, and third choice for the shower.

These are all questions to ask yourself but of course no mater what choices you make there is still the problem of what to do with the edges of the tiled area.  Most of the time this done by installing bullnose tile as the last vertical and horizontal course.  You can go here to learn how to bullnose travertine but basically this involves rounding the edge of the tile that will not be laid next to another.  That is, the edge of the tile which is visible at the completion of the job is rounded to give a nice transition from the wall surface to the tiling area.

Answering the questions in this article will help you to end up with a travertine shower you are proud of.

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