Breakfast Nook Decorations

The way in which your home is characterized will have a lot to do with the thought that has gone into specialist areas throughout. If the design has been carefully thought out and the decorative features are added then the space is going to work regardless of how small or large it may be. A breakfast nook is a perfect example of how this might be the case because it is a small area that can be simply thrown together leaving it looking like a forgettable area and losing the potential that a nicely decorated nook can achieve.

The breakfast nook is a small room just off your kitchen that is usually only large enough to hold a breakfast table and chairs. Because the room is so functional, there typically is not room for much decoration or extra pieces. As a result, you just use the utilitarian items  as your decorations or as ways to add decoration.

For example, you can use your windows as a way to add texture, color, and style to the room. Natural light is great, but direct sunlight in your eyes while you are eating can be annoying. That is why most people use window treatments of some kind; to block, diffuse or filter the direct sunlight. However, these window treatments create an interesting side effect in that you can add different colors, textures, and lines to the space as well. I think the best combination is some sheer curtains or blinds to deal with the sunlight and some permanently tied back curtains and a window valence for decoration.

Another way that you can use items already in the breakfast nook as decorating opportunities is with the table and chairs. On the table top you can add a vase with flowers for some extra color. The flowers do not have to be real. Even silk flowers are a nice addition to a bright and sunny room. You can also use placemats for a touch of color or texture. In addition, during holiday seasons you can have special placemats that will bring a touch of fun to your kitchen and breakfast nook.

Finally, breakfast nook cushions are a great way to dress up the room. Whether you have chairs or bench seating, you can find cushions that will bring color and comfort to your breakfast nook. If you have a corner breakfast nook bench that is especially deep, you can even add throw pillows to the bench for additional comfort.