What Makes Magic Blinds so Special?

If you have windows in your house, chances are you have something to cover them up with also.  While the sun coming in windows is wonderful sometimes, it is also a pain at other times.  There are many products out there that will block the sunlight from entering your windows.  For this article, we’re going to focus on something called magic blinds.

What are magic blinds, you might ask?  It turns out that they really aren’t as magical as the name suggests.  The part that makes them magical is the way they fold up like and accordion when you pull the string.  Another feature of the magic blind is their ability to fit over pretty much any curtain rod.  This is a great bonus, since it means that you don’t need to install any fancy hardware or anything like that.

There are many different styles of magic blinds, and the fabrics that are used vary wildly.  What this means for the consumer is that there is a style that will satisfy pretty much everyone.  While many of these blinds are made from materials like cotton, some of them are made from other materials such as canvas, acrylic, polyester, and even bamboo.  There are even styles that are made from organic as well.

One aspect that you should consider before you make your choice is how much sun you want to allow to come through your blinds.  Due to the fact that different materials are thicker and denser than others, some of them will do a better job at keeping the sun from going through the window.  If the window you need covered is in your bedroom, I would recommend getting one with maximum opacity for those times you need to sleep during the day and want it to be dark.  For other rooms such as the kitchen, you don’t need to keep so much sun out.

Woven Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are still one of the most popular types of blinds being sold today. They are distinguished by the gathering that occurs as the blind is raised. As the blinds are pulled up the fabric folds up into pleats usually by virtue of horizontal rods that are inserted at regular intervals resulting in neat, uniform folds.

But not all roman blinds are made from fabric with a popular selection created for the casual appearance in a room in the form of the woven roman blind. Often made from thin bamboo strips, they are tightly woven together to form an eye-catching matchstick weave. Alternative materials used to create woven roman blinds include rattan, jute, reeds and other grasses and each of them provide a wonderfully organic look and feeling to the room. They look delicate thanks to the thin pieces that make up the body of the blind but they are actually quite durable.

These blinds are easy to install with a quick hanging method and can be trimmed to size if the window is narrower than the blind and you want it to hang inside the window frame. When left in their natural state woven roman blinds may well be a brown color ranging variously from light to darker brown. But the wooden appearance can be camouflaged somewhat with a can of spray paint and some imagination.

Woven Roman BlindsWoven roman blinds can be given all sorts of funky looks with patterns or designs added to the front while still giving the appearance of plain brown from the outside. They can also be woven in intricate designs to make the weaving itself part of the decorative apeal.

Speaking of the outside bamboo woven roman blinds can be used just as effectively in outdoor situations as they can in indoors. Screening off a patio or any other outdoor area should not be a problem and the bamboo will stand up quite well to the weather conditions. The only caution with using these blinds is that the cord be tied off or placed high and out of reach of children.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for elegance or casual simplicity woven roman blinds provide you with both options and are available in all sorts of patterns and colors. It must be remembered that due to the nature in which the blinds are woven they will allow a certain amount of light through. If the window they will be covering is facing the afternoon or morning sun it would be a good idea to buy them already lined.

Honeycomb Blinds Are Stylish Performers

In nature one of the most effective building blocks is the honeycomb. The shape of a honeycomb, with interlocking six-sided figures ensures a strong bond that reinforces itself. So a set of blinds that make use of the honeycomb concept means that the blinds themselves are using this idea to build a reliable window treatment that is going to operate strongly over a long period of time.

Honeycomb blinds are a modern interpretation of the slat blinds in that they can be lowered and raised in the same way as traditional blinds and they look similar to these kinds of blinds. But when they are lowered they reveal the fact that the blinds themselves are actually cells that form a honeycomb shape. In effect, these blinds cover the entire window when they are lowered.

Due to their honeycomb nature, the blinds are also referred to as cellular shades. They are a sort of a cross between venetian blinds and a roller blind due to the fact that when they are rolled up they look like venetian blinds and when they are lowered they look like roller blinds.

Displayed below are some honeycomb blinds for sale. Follow the links to get even more information about each type of honeycomb blinds.

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The size of the honeycomb cells vary, depending on the appearance you prefer. They may range in size from 3/8 inches up to ¾ inches with some variations in between. The difference between the various sized honeycomb cells resolves into the thickness of the horizontal lines when the blinds are lowered.

As well as different sized cells, you can buy honeycomb blinds in a few different thicknesses, categorized as single cell, double cell or triple cell blinds. Double cell blinds provide a thicker layer of covering material giving you greater insulating properties as well as a greater ability to block out the light. This is even more pronounced with the triple cell blinds.

The insulating properties of honeycomb blinds give them an added feature that many people may have overlooked. When the blinds are lowered and the honeycomb shape of the cells are filled out, you have a double layer of blind material surrounding a pocket of air. This pocket or air allows the blinds to maintain the room’s warmth in the cooler months and keep the room cooler in summer.

The material with which most types of honeycomb blinds are made is a light type of reinforced paper. Although they are paper they are surprisingly durable, as you would expect them to be. They only require a dusting once a week or so to ensure there is no unsightly build up to keep them clean.

Honeycomb blinds look elegant due to their narrow horizontal lines. They come in a range of colors so they will suit many different décor styles and they are functionally sound while not drawing unwanted attention. They are also easy to buy with many retail stores stocking a large range to choose from.