How to Choose Bathroom Window Curtains

The main aspects to look at when choosing bathroom window curtains are color, style and fabric. After that all you have to do is measure your windows accurately, buy the right size and you cannot go wrong.


If you have a plain white bathroom (as most of us do these days), it is important to add some color to your room so that you can avoid it looking bland and window curtains are a great way to do that. The more neutral your bathroom (including wall tiles and floor) the more choice you have when it comes to color but if you do have to match up any fixed elements in your bathroom, take samples or spare tiles with you when you go shopping so that you can get the color of your curtains just right. If you can't do that, use a paint color chart to find the nearest color and use that. It will save endless trips back to the store with curtains which don't work.


As the bathroom is such an informal room, you need window curtains which are as simple as possible. Avoid complicated headings, ruffles and flounces and choose a simple gathered or tab top heading. Bathroom curtains should be short rather than full length as this adds to the informality (and in any case you will probably find you have no room for long curtains).


A plain or patterned cotton fabric works well for bathroom curtains or you could use a polyester cotton mix. You will need to wash your curtains frequently, so choose good quality thick fabric which will not fade or go limp after a few times in the washing machine. There are waterproof curtains available which are specially designed for bathrooms. They are easier to care for than cotton curtains as you just wipe them clean but you will find your choice in designs quite restricted compared to the range of cotton fabrics.

The Smart Choice in Bathroom Sets

With the number of bathroom sets for sale these days you can be forgiven for not knowing how to start when it comes to choosing one. You will find these sets everywhere : in department stores, in interior design outlets and in bathroom stores as well as online. If you would like some help with your selection, here are some tips to help you find the best one to fit your bathroom and your lifestyle.

1. Choose the Right Color or Finish

The modern style seems to be trending towards the preference for a white bathroom so we are free to choose whichever color or finish we like. However if you have white bathroom fittings but colored floor and/or wall tiles then you need to makes sure that your bathroom set selection goes with whatever you already have in the room. The same goes for any items such as curtains and towels you want to keep and will continue to use. There is no point looking at bathroom sets which don't go with whatever else you have and don't want to get rid of.

2. Find Out What Is In the Set

Bathroom sets are made up of various items and they are not all the same in terms of what is included so check the make up of the set you have in mind and that it includes what you need (and not too much of what you don't).

3. Make Sure the Price is Right

As sets come in all price ranges make sure that the ones you are considering fit your budget and you feel that each set you are considering is value for money.

4. Make Sure the Quality is Good

Some cheaper bathroom sets will fall to pieces after a short time so check the quality of the set you are planning on buying. Look at whether there are any rough edges, whether all fastenings are secure and whether the fabric or other materials (as appropriate) are of good quality before you make your mind up.