The Undermount Bar Sink

An undermount bar sink is one of the most common styles of bar sinks used in both home and retail applications. These sinks are available in cast iron with a porcelain finish as well as copper and stainless steel. The type of sink to be used is most often determined by a code requirement or a design specification.

In any public access condition such as a night club the local health and safety codes will dictate the type of sink that is to be used. In a home or other private setting personal preference or a design specification may determine the type of sink used.

The term under mount refers the type of installation as it relates to the counter or bar top. Whereas a top-set sink is installed from above the counter top and rests in place, the under mount sink is installed from below and attached by means of clips or brackets. These brackets may be factory-installed bolts or spot-welded clips that are fastened to a wide flange that borders the sink basin. The installation consists of attaching the sink to the underside of the counter top with the accessory mounting parts such as nuts and washers or additional clips. The basic requirement for this installation is the alignment of the sink drain opening with the existing waste or drain line stub out and allowing ample space to make a proper drain connection.

The under mount bar sink is especially suited for situations where the sink will receive a lot of activity such as in a bus-boy station or a night club. The reason for using the under mount sink in these situations becomes apparent when considering there is no raised rim at the counter surface as is the case with top set bar sinks. The raised rim does not allow water to ship or be wiped into the basin as easily as with an under mount sink.

The under mount bar sink can be evaluated and shopped through on line sources or by visiting a plumbing fixture supply or home improvement center.