The Undermount Bar Sink

An undermount bar sink is one of the most common styles of bar sinks used in both home and retail applications. These sinks are available in cast iron with a porcelain finish as well as copper and stainless steel. The type of sink to be used is most often determined by a code requirement or a design specification.

In any public access condition such as a night club the local health and safety codes will dictate the type of sink that is to be used. In a home or other private setting personal preference or a design specification may determine the type of sink used.

The term under mount refers the type of installation as it relates to the counter or bar top. Whereas a top-set sink is installed from above the counter top and rests in place, the under mount sink is installed from below and attached by means of clips or brackets. These brackets may be factory-installed bolts or spot-welded clips that are fastened to a wide flange that borders the sink basin. The installation consists of attaching the sink to the underside of the counter top with the accessory mounting parts such as nuts and washers or additional clips. The basic requirement for this installation is the alignment of the sink drain opening with the existing waste or drain line stub out and allowing ample space to make a proper drain connection.

The under mount bar sink is especially suited for situations where the sink will receive a lot of activity such as in a bus-boy station or a night club. The reason for using the under mount sink in these situations becomes apparent when considering there is no raised rim at the counter surface as is the case with top set bar sinks. The raised rim does not allow water to ship or be wiped into the basin as easily as with an under mount sink.

The under mount bar sink can be evaluated and shopped through on line sources or by visiting a plumbing fixture supply or home improvement center.

A Copper Bar Sink – Artistic and Functional

You may not always do all of your entertaining direct from the kitchen and the secondary area may require another sink. This smaller isolated sink is often referred to as a bar sink, whether or not it’s actually part of a bar. The bar sink is a smaller affair than the main kitchen bar so a nice idea is to make it a stand out feature installing one made of copper, metal that will really give the area some visual appeal.

If you have a bar in your home, you probably want it to fit in with the design and decor of your home in every detail. Art does not have to be wall or table art. Most decorators will tell you that art is always best when it is functional. One piece of art you can add in your home bar that is beautiful and functional is a Mexican copper bar sink.

A copper bar sink is an unusual piece of art, as most people do not think of a sink as art, but it will definitely be a conversation piece when your guest see it. It will make your bar stand out and improve the value of your home.

Take a look at the beautiful copper bar sinks that have been displayed below and are available for sale.

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Mexican copper bar sinks are handmade, by skilled artisans in the western mountains of Mexico. These artisans have a long tradition of working copper that has been passed from generation. It is not unusual in these mountains to find entire family working together, teaching the children how to preserve the ancient traditions and to produce elaborate copper bar sinks.

Although the sink may look like more like a decorative feature rather than a functional part of the home, don’t be tempted to dismiss them completely. They have not been built simply to be looked at and admired. Nothing could be further from the truth; copper sinks are as sturdy as any stainless steel or aluminum bar sinks.

Copper sinks are also easy to clean, they do not require anything more than a mild detergent and a soft cloth. The only precaution would be against using corrosive materials like chlorine bleach or concentrated vinegar. Since most copper bar sinks come with a patina surface, the sink is protected from most elements.

Both the artistic qualities of the handmade copper bar sink, and its patina surface contribute to making each bar sink a unique piece that will never be found elsewhere. Age will not only add beauty it will also change the nature of the sink’s surface. Although the new metal shine is removed from the sink, it is replaced by colors and striations that make it look even more interesting and unusual.
Copper is a metal that naturally contains antibacterial properties so the area is going to be a lot more easy to keep clean which is another of the selling points of a copper sink.
For the house that is host to many large get togethers a bar sink would be an important addition in the home and a copper bar sink would turn it into a stand out item.