Consider A Werner Attic Ladder

Interior design isn’t only about finding solutions for the home that is visible to the eye. It is also about coming up with ideas that are innovative and useful too. Finding storage solutions that aren’t immediately apparent is something of an art and is applauded when done right.

In order to increase the storage capacity in your home the greatest source of unused space is under the roof in the attic. There are many ways to access the attic from a permanent set of stairs to a ladder that you might bring in from outside. But the easiest and most convenient is the attic ladder that can be stored by retracting into the ceiling behind a trapdoor. A well known and reliable company that produces a wide range of attic ladders is Werner. We’ll take a brief look at some of the different types of Werner attic ladders available and the situations in which you might want to choose them.

Folding Aluminum Access Ladder – this is a Werner attic ladder that has a 300lb load capacity. Made from aluminum it is lightweight and can be pulled down easily yet it’s sturdy and durable. There are 5 different models of this particular attic ladder, each of them use an opening size of 22-1/2” x 54”. The difference comes in the lengths of the ladder or the width which is either 14-5/8” or 17-5/8”. These ladders are available in minimum heights ranging from 7’ to 10.5’. The aluminum ladder can be found for around $200.00.

Folding Wood Access Ladder – the wood folding access ladder is very similar to the aluminum version except that it has a lower load capacity of 250lbs. The stairs on the wooden attic ladder are rodded to give them extra strength and the installation is a simple process because the entire unit comes fully assembled. This attic ladder can be bought for around $180.00.

Telescoping Attic Ladder – known as the Televator, this telescoping attic ladder allows access to the attic while using an access hole that is smaller in dimensions to the other attic ladders. The ladder itself is more like a traditional ladder and can be pulled straight down from the ceiling. Once you open the hatch you can easily pull down the ladder until it locks into place with a minimum of fuss. This aluminum ladder is available in two sizes, either a maximum of 8’4” or 10’3”. You can pick up a Werner Telescoping attic ladder for around $220.00.

Folding Heavy Duty Attic Ladder – the heavy duty Werner attic ladder comes in three widths rather than just two and has a maximum load capacity of up to 350lbs. This is a wood ladder and it is heavier than the other units but the ladder and the treads are sturdier than the others. The opening in the ceiling may have to larger to cater for the wider ladder. This is the ladder you want to get if you feel you will be visiting the attic on a regular basis, particularly if you think you’re going to be carrying some large items up and down the steps. You can buy a heavy duty attic ladder starting from around $160.00 but price will depend on the size of the ladder you buy.

There are a number of factors you’re going to have to consider before you buy a new attic ladder. The frequency with which you plan to use it, the things you will be likely to be carrying and whether you prefer a wood ladder to an aluminum one. With Werner you will be dealing with one of the premier ladder companies in the business so you can rely on the fact that you will be buying a quality product.

Deciding On An Attic Ladder

A constant problem that many people have in their homes is a lack of storage space but there are options available that you can use to give yourself a lot of new space. One of these options is to make use of the attic by converting the unused area into a space that can provide usable storage that is clean, enclosed and easy to reach.

The last qualifier, the easy to reach part, can be achieved with the installation of an attic ladder. Although at first glance attic ladders may appear to be a very large operation, they are actually quite simple to install and reasonably priced. By getting the help of a qualified attic ladder installation professional, all of the more problematic parts such as cutting through attic beams and dust and dirt can be handled properly.

There are a number of different options when looking at attic ladders and the one you go for will depend on factors such as the size of the ceiling hole you wish to create, the steepness of the ladder ascent and how elaborate the system you want to put in will be. You will also be facing the choice of material with which your attic ladder will be made from. The options are wood, aluminum and steel and, again, the choice may well come down to a matter of personal taste, although the price changes depending on the material used.

A simple type of attic ladder is an aluminum telescopic attic ladder that pulls down and looks exactly like a ladder with the climb at the same angle as how you would set up a stand alone ladder. Something a little more elaborate is a pull down attic ladder with the ladder assembly hidden inside the ceiling and when it is pulled down it comes down and resembles a staircase with a rudimentary handrail and perhaps wooden steps. This type of attic ladder will be set at an angle that is not as steep as the aluminum ladder so it will be easier to get into the ladder.

The pull down ladder should be easy to lower with the use of either a cord or a stick with a hook attached to it. Either way, when shopping around for your preferred option you should consider the size of the treads. How well they are reinforced, the operation of the lowering mechanism and the hardware used such as the hinges and springs are all important considerations to take into hand.

Cost may also be an important consideration and you should be able to buy a reasonable aluminum attic ladder for around $200. The more elaborate you get the more it is going to cost, but your options may be limited by the space you have to work with. Not only are we talking about space in the ceiling but also the space available in the room below that will be capable of taking a large or small set of folding stairs.

Once you have decided to install an attic ladder and you have done the necessary preparation, you should talk to an attic professional. They will have to look at your attic to confirm that it is appropriate for a ladder to be installed. Be warned that it may not be possible to install the ladder in the exact spot you believe is perfect.