Art Deco Decor Today

Some people are intimidated when it comes to choosing a specific style of decor for their homes.  Truth be told, the majority of households today are most likely a combination of styles unless someone in the family has made a true effort to bring a specific theme into prominence.  Some of the more common themes are country and contemporary, but some people like to take on something just a little bit different.  A very elegant style that has made a resurgence in popularity is art deco design.

Art deco is a style based on geometric designs and elegant stylings.  Shiny metals like chrome and silver are often found accenting curves and lines.  The style is simple, but drips of elegance.  To get an idea of what art deco looked like in its original form, one should check out images from the latter part of the 1920's through the end of the 1930's.  The style can be seen in everything from art deco furniture to architecture.  One of the most famous examples of this style in architecture is the Empire State Building.

Although the style originated in France, the United States grabbed on to it and fell in love with it.  Houses build during the time borrowed elements of the style in not only the architecture itself, but also in every aspect of the decor used in the houses.  Mirrors, light fixtures, and wall hangings all were based on the shiny metals and elegant lines.

The style fell out of grace for a while as the country focused on the war effort during the forties.  Rationing and other factors led the nation to change its priorities.  Other decor styles became more popular, but art deco never really went away.  When the 1980's arrived, the United States was ready to dust off the old style and make it new again.  Art deco came back into the popular culture and it is still popular today.  For an elegant look that shows an appreciation for a truly classic vintage movement, art deco is hard to beat.