Are Your Kitchen Rugs Washable?

The perfect soft floor covering for the kitchen is a washable rug. It makes sense that you use a rug that is going to be able to handle the spills that are going to be inevitable. Such a high-traffic part of the house is also going to require a rug that will withstand the trample of feet on a regular basis.

Displayed below is a selection of hard wearing and affordable washable rugs for the kitchen that are also tastefully designed.

Rugs Under $20

Kitchen Rag Rug Blue

Nautical Blue Rag Rug for the Kitchen

This is a rag rug that is suitable for any wet area such as the kitchen, hall or bathroom. It measures 20 x 31.5", it 100% cotton and is completely machine washable.

Carnival Stripe Multi Rug
Carnival Stripe Multi Rug

This machine printed rug is 100% nylon and has a latex backing. It measures 21 x 34" and is machine washable

Lily Collection Non-Slip Kitchen Rug

Lily Collection Non-Slip Kitchen Rug

This is a non-slip low-profile kitchen rug that has a rubber backing. It is quite a thin rug that may be machine washable with cold water. The rug measures 20” wide x 47” long.

Kloud City Anti-Slip Microfiber Area RugKLOUD City Anti-Slip Microfiber Area Rug

This is a plush rug that features a thick, soft weave. It may be used in any number of areas including the kitchen. The emulsion bottom ensures the rug won’t slip and it will revert back into its original shape after it has been washed. The rug measures 20” wide x 31” long.

Rugs Under $30

Indigo Bazaar Kitchen Mat

Indigo Bazaar Kitchen Mat

This is a vibrant kitchen mat that has been made by New Designs. It is hand woven from 100% cotton, does not come with a liner so it may require one to stop slipping. The rug measures 24 x 36”.

Siesta Collection Wine Design Rug

Siesta Collection Wine Design Non-Slip Runner Rug

This is a hard-wearing rug made from nylon with a low pile and featuring a very typical kitchen design. The rug has a rubber back to ensure it is non-slip. It is available in a range of sizes with this version measuring 39” x 60”.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that your kitchen rugs are washable. After all, the kitchen is one of the most likely parts of the home where you are likely to make some kind of a mess. With the preparation and serving of food taking place in the kitchen there is an endless array of chances where food is going to be spilled.

So that the floor is protected from the wear and tear that comes with constant traffic, moving furniture and spilled liquids and food the option of placing a rug down is a popular one. For this reason many rug makers have produced a vast range of area rugs designed particularly for the kitchen. Not only are these rugs made for the smaller expanse of the kitchen, they have also been made to be washable.

A washable kitchen rug means that it can be quickly rolled up off the floor and taken and washed in your own home, safe in the knowledge that the result will be a clean and fresh rug that is ready for use again.

So how might you think you can be able to wash a washable rug? A truly washable area rug that is used in the kitchen can be placed in the washing machine where it will respond well to the machine washing process. If you don’t feel comfortable with using your washing machine for your rugs you can simply throw them into the utility sink and give them a good scrub.

A kitchen rug must be durable enough to withstand the constant traffic that will pass through the hub of the house. It also must be soft enough to feel comfortable underfoot. With the possible regular exposure to water – such as might be experienced from an over-enthusiastic dish washing stint – there is a strong likelihood that the rug is going to have to be water-resistant to a certain extent.

The type of fabric that you might be looking for may be cotton or wool with some extremely attractive rugs available made from either of these fibers.

One of the types of rugs that are perfect for this situation is the braided rug. Try looking for some very stylish and suitable wool braided rugs or cotton braided rugs that will not only give you a floor covering that will look good in the kitchen but will also provide you with rugs that are washable in the home.