Ideas about an Antique Mirror

A beautiful and stunning antique mirror can be one of the grandeur decorative pieces that you can add to your home. The search for beautiful creations began in the era of England’s. King Henry VIII and France’s King Francis the 1st. They would be fond of collecting mirrors. Back in the days, an average sized Venetian mirror has the same market value as to an aristocrat’s country home. Some known French nobles were even selling off their country estates just so they could buy a single mirror.

In 4000 B.C., ancient natives used to make mirrors with the use of polished stones. It was not until the First Century that a rudimentary they were made. The Romans made this rudimentary mirror with the use of glass. Sad to say, the early Church priests see them as an epitome of sin and vanity. A pope proclaimed that the devil can hide his self inside them and banned the use of mirrors. Glass mirrors were not used in the early middle ages. When the 14th century passed by, the development of glass blowing techniques in Europe gained back the interest of creating these useful decorations.

Antique Cheval MirrorWhen you choose an antique mirror, expect that it is not perfect. You will notice that the silver is worn out and small chips can be seen. This should not be a problem because it is possible to take the mirror in so that the silver backing is added to it again. You have to think too that blemishes or diamond dustings in a mirror are indeed preferred. Avid collectors see it as beauty marks and not flaws. It is a testament to the original. If you are just using on your dressing table, you can have silver placed in the antique again. But an antique mirror can bring so much charm.

Also, remember to avoid mirrors that are wavy and ones that look grayish. Do not go for thin antique walls. They will not give a good reflection to the room. If you want a framed antique mirror, choose the one that is complementary to other furniture pieces. You can go for an ethnic and whimsical looking one if you have an unconventional themed house. The antique mirror should also go well with the color of the room.

If you want one of these charming decorations, it may cost you more. However, it is a good investment that you will never regret. Over time, you will appreciate the allure of an exquisite antique mirror.

Antique mirrors are more than simple the old glass with silver backing that looks aged and attractive. An antique mirror is about the ornate antique mirror frame and the work that has gone into presenting the mirror itself. An antique mirror will also perfectly complement antique furniture such as a chest or a wardrobe that would look somewhat less impressive without the mirror to set it off.

A particularly attractive mirror to consider is an antique cheval mirror if you have the room for one. Imagine one of these beautifully ornate mirrors sitting in the corner of the bedroom where you will be able to admire you full profile as you dress. In particular the gothic cheval mirrors will provide some added flair with the impressive woodwork setting off the rest of the room for your enjoyment.

There are many different ways in which a decorative mirror may be used to add interest to a room. More discussion about some other ideas in which they might be appied can be found here. For some the enjoyment of a mirror is the fact that it gives you a reflection of yourself. For others they like the fact that the style of the mirror is a more telling reflection of who you really are.