Save Money With Denby Seconds

There are many ways in which you can go about buying a dinnerware set that will not only look good on your dinner table but will also serve you and your family well over a number of years. Some people will look for a specific pottery brand, safe in the knowledge that the pottery they produce is reliable and the company will be around if they ever have to replace a broken piece.

The only thing that may cause you to balk at buying one of the bigger names is the cost that is involved. Buying Denby pottery, for example, means that you are buying a reliable product and there will be plenty of after sales support available because the company is so large. You will also have a great range to choose from too. The price of some of the Denby dinnerware sets is a little higher than other pottery and this could turn you off buying it.

There is a way of still being able to buy Denby dinnerware but save some money doing it.

Buy Denby seconds.

A second is a piece that has had some slight variation take place during the firing or glazing process. This might mean that the glaze color is slightly lighter or darker than it is supposed to be or there are some imperfections in the finish that have resulted in the occasional spot.

Another way to pick up Denby pottery at a lower price is to pick up discontinued Denby patterns. Many of these pottery items are secondhand or used but it is possible to find some absolute bargains and there are many different retired Denby pottery patterns to choose from.

You will find the following discontinued Denby pottery patterns available for sale here.





Blue Jetty

Blue Linen














The point with these seconds is that apart from the look of the finish, the Denby pottery itself is just as high in quality as any other piece. The pottery will still be as durable, it will still be as capable of being placed in the microwave or the dishwasher and it will be just as strong for everyday use as other pieces.

The price of a Denby second is going to work out to be cheaper, sometimes significantly so. However, you cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to buy a complete set of a certain collection nor will there be as many copies of a certain piece. Seconds are unexpected differences and so they are not something that the manufacturer is going to attempt to repeat.

It is definitely worth looking through the available list of Denby seconds, though. You might find some absolute bargains on pieces where the flaws are incredibly minor – perhaps even undetectable.

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