You Have Room For A Corner Sink

Rooms that require a water source such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry or the lavatory but are short on space may have to look for inventive or alternate ways to fit the sink in. In the case of the kitchen and the bathroom there is an option that has been made increasingly popular thanks to some clever designs and that is the corner sink.

A corner kitchen sink is available in a number of clever designs that maximize space that might otherwise have been considered unusable. See the following article about corner kitchen sinks for more details.

A bathroom corner sink is a more commonly seen feature with the sink far less of a focal point of the room than the sink in the kitchen. The sink in this case may be part of a corner sink cabinet in which case it may be located at the end of a small countertop, or it may simply be a corner pedestal sink that is positioned so that the difficult area is better used. Above the pedestal sink you may install a corner shaving cabinet to continue the smart use of a tight space.

Wall Mount Corner SinkBy putting the bathroom sink in the corner of the room you may be able to give yourself a small vanity counter as well. The options available to you include a wall mounted corner sink, which is probably necessary for the smallest of bathrooms, a pedestal corner sink which uses slightly more room but is still a fairly innocuous unit, or a sink and vanity which you may use in a bathroom that is slightly larger.

Corner sinks will work just as well in the laundry or utility room, another room that is traditionally pushed for space. Although it is generally accepted that a large laundry sink is necessary sometimes it may turn out that the only way to fit one in is to position it on the corner of an L-shaped counter. In this case I believe the best type of sink that will serve your purpose will be a ceramic farmhouse sink.

No matter what your situation and space that you’ve got to try to fit a sink in to, there is generally a solution that will meet your needs. It may simply be a case of doing your homework, visiting as many showrooms as possible or view as many online sites as you can. No matter how small the space, a corner sink should be able to fit into it.

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