Pike Street Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

Part of the process of renovating or improving a bathroom is the inclusion of a set of thick bath towels that go nicely with the rest of the appointments. A set of Pike Street Egyptian Cotton Towels is hard to beat when it comes to luxury bath towels and can complete an expensive look in the bathroom without costing an absolute fortune.

A set of thick, plush bath towels will play a couple of important roles in a well-appointed bathroom. Firstly, they may be used to add color and texture to the room, particularly if they are used as part of a matching set. Secondly, the luxuriousness of a set of thick, oversized towels will provide you with the ultimate in after shower or bath comfort.

They come in a set of 6 and include 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths. They are also available in a range of colors including cream, gray, driftwood, lemon, white, pistachio and papaya.

It is possible to find the Pike Street 6 piece Towel Set at a very reasonable price at either eBay or on Amazon. As a means of making a comparison between the two we will provide you with a range of towel sets being sold through both stores

Pike Street Egyptian Cotton Towel Set on eBay

Bath Towels Egyptian Cotton 6 Piece Hand Pike Street Soft Towel Set FastShip NEW
Bath Towels Egyptian Cotton 6 Piece Hand Pike Street Soft Towel Set FastShip NEW
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Pike Street Egyptian Cotton Towel Set from Amazon



Many customers have bought these particular towels, you only have to go and visit Amazon to appreciate just how popular they have been. The reviews that have come from those who have used them are quite varied with a large number of 1 star reviews included among the 4 and 5 star reviews.

The Bad

I want to concentrate for a moment on the 1 star reviews to get an idea of the best way in which they might be used.

It is a rather unusual idea but these towels might best be described as display only towels. They are large and they look luxurious but when it comes to using them for the purpose for which they were made, they tend to fall down somewhat. The main focus of the complaints center around a couple of details, first, when the towels are washed they are prone to fraying badly and second, the towels are not absorbent.

What appears to be happening is that after the towels are purchased customers have been placing them in the washing machine and they have been coming out with seams and selvage coming apart.

The Good

The number of positive (5 star) reviews about these towels outnumbers the complaints, which makes this quite an interesting conundrum. Those who gave these towels glowing reports have commented that the towels are thick and absorbent, they fluffed up nicely after they were washed and they are particularly large which makes them a pleasure to use.

It seems that many of those who have loved these towels have put them through a washing machine, however it also appears that few have thrown them in the clothes dryer. This is possibly an important point.

A point that has been made a couple of times, even in the positive reviews, is that it is clear that the stitching is not quite the highest in quality. This is an admission that could set the antennae twitching and may require a quick run with the sewing machine to reinforce any stitching that doesn’t look the best.

So, if you are merely looking for a luxurious looking set of towels to complement the colors and style of your new bathroom, the look and the price of these towels appear ideal. At around $20 for a set of six towels it is pretty hard to beat. The prospect of the towels falling apart when they are washed is not a particularly attractive one but it could be worth the risk to provide your room with the decorative quality you are seeking.

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