How To Take Care of A Slate Coffee Table

The great thing about slate coffee table, apart from how sturdy and reliable they are, is the fact that they require less maintenance on a regular basis than their wooden counterparts. Whereas a wooden coffee table or a glass-topped coffee table requires regular dusting, the dust does not collect quite so obviously or as quickly on a slate coffee table. If you want to buy a slate coffe table there are some outstanding examples available below.

When discussing how you should go about cleaning and caring for your slate coffee table we are actually talking about how slate should be treated. The other materials of the coffee table, whether it’s wood or iron or another material, can be cleaned as with any other common material. Slate is a natural material and is meant to look rough a weathered to a certain extent so it will do better if it is a little neglected when it comes to cleaning.

Where it will have to be attended to is the usual cleaning of dust, crumbs and other small bits of dirt that tends to accumulate on any hard flat surface. This will involve a simple wipe down with a damp rag or cleaning cloth. You may decide to then wipe the slate down with a clean, dry rag or simply allow the slate to air dry.

A lot of slate coffee tables are actually slate tiles that have been fitted into recessed housing to form the table top. If this is the case then there is going to be an inevitable build up of dirt, dust and other matter in the cracks between the slate tiles and the table frame. The best way to deal with this is to remove the tiles and give them a thorough clean with a disinfectant solution paying particular attention to the edges of the slate. The table frame should also be cleaned with disinfectant and then thoroughly dried before replacing the slate.

Although slate is a stone product it has been sliced into thin “leaves” and this means that it is susceptible to being chipped around the edges or even cracked through the middle if given a sharp knock. Make sure that when the slate tiles have been removed from the coffee table for cleaning or transporting are supported by being laid flat on the ground. When transporting them they should be completely wrapped separately in newspaper or cloth to ensure the surface is not damaged.

A slate coffee table is a beautiful piece of furniture and should last you many years, if not a lifetime. The care and cleaning required is minimal compared to other pieces of furniture and really comes down to common sense. If you practice a little bit of caution when handling the slate you will be able to enjoy the look and feel for many years to come.

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